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    Is there a plugin or can anyone make one that runs a command and broadcasts the response to the server, visible for all players. So for example if I do "/broadcastcmd balancetop" it run's the balancetop command (that shows each player's ammount of money) and broadcasts it so everyone can see it.
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    Uhm this is actually possible, It's easier to find every player on the server and perform the command balancetop on them, But the downside on that is that they need permission...
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    Yeah the command was an example. I want to make the response of any command of my choice get broadcasted...
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    So if you type /broadcastcmd money then it will run /money for every player?
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    No, that will make me run the command /money and what MC answers me back (which would be in this case "your money is xxx$) would be broadcasted to the server
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    I will get started on this, if anyone would like to help me with it skype is ian-0526
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    Thanks a lot :)
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    Curious, in what situation would you use this?
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    /lockette 3 [More Users]
    For example: There is a command on my server that shows you the 10 richest people on the server. I want to broadcast those people every day at 12.00 but I dont want everybody to be able to use the command (so its a little more exciting who the richest person will be) so if people wann know who it is, they have to be online at 12.00
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    For your case, maybe you could get a plugin that gives them that permission from 11.59 - 12.01.

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