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    I was wondering if someone could make a plugin that would load frst and display a message saying "Server Loading" while the server is loading and then go back to the servers default MOTD so that players know that they can't currently join the server. i would like this because my players complain that the server is up and they can't join. if it were possible to do what i am asking, i think this would be a widely used plugin! :)

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    I could do this, what would you like exactly? Would you want it on startup to change the MOTD to 'Server loading' then after a couple of seconds change it back to normal?
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    I'm having a go at this. If someone else wants to do it then that is fine, I am just doing it as an introduction to Bukkit development. We will see how it turns out I guess.
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    ok thanks! and yes, i want it to say Server Loading. and then i want it to test if a player can join, and if one can then have it go back to the preset MOTD.
    my server takes FOREVER to load and it annoys players when it says its up but is not
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    I could probably do this
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    I'm thinking about making a changing MOTD plugin, and I could probably incorporate this into it...
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    Being a programmer is:
    10%: Hey look, I made this, thats kinda cool..

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    This doesn't make any sense, the server can't have an MOTD if it's not actually on...
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    the way the server works is that when it starts it is on but plugins are loading so players can't join. you see the server as up but when you try to join you get timed out. so in that 2-3 min when its still booting up i would like it to displaya message alerting players that they cant join yet.

    Please Do!

    then take a crack at it!

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    I'm pretty sure you can still join the server...
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    Right, I'm not used to servers with more than two or three plugins.
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    like i have explained above, you can't join the server when the plugins are loading. trust me, i run 4 bukkit servers XP
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    It takes you 2-3 minutes to startup a server? How many plugins does it have?
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    This plugin isn't really possible. Or, at least, it isn't reliable or useful.

    For one, the entire point is to warn players not to connect yet, because plugins are still loading.

    Three problems off the top of my head:
    This is a plugin. It would be just as unstable as the rest of them, on load.
    You can't really affect load order of plugins. So this plugin could be loaded last, at which point it would be useless.
    The plugin that would overwrite this one could be loaded before or after this plugin, completely changing the outcome. Potentially random on each boot.

    It takes a few seconds to boot up, unless you've got a lot of plugins running. There's no point to this. And even if you did make it, as I said, it would be very unreliable.
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    No, not if you manage to make it load first...

    I think they are loaded by alphabetical order, if the plugin's name is "000BootupMOTD", it will be loaded first.

    You just need to change the priority of the event where you modify the MOTD and it will work !

    He said his server was taking 2-3 minutes to load, he must have 50-60 plugins...

    I started to look into it
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    CustomServerMessages does a dynamic MOTD
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    it does?
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    Yes, I use it actually. It isn't something it really advertises as a big feature though...
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    You can affect the load of plugins, set it to load before worlds. This is completely possible depending on when the server starts responding to pings. You may have to respond to pings itself. I'll look into it.
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    Thanks Yall for all of the work and constructive criticisms towards making this a reality!

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