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    BoomSplosion - Minecraft 1.0

    Now this is unlike all the other plugins. This is one of a kind! It took me a while to make (more like 5 minutes), it is extremely complex and all. This plugin creates an explosion wherever you break a block and or right click a player! Hope you guys enjoy!
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    • /boom give <player> - Give the specified player BoomSplosion
    • /boom take <player> - Take away BoomSplosion from the specified player
    • /boom - Used by players that have BoomSplosion on to disable it for themselves

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    • boomsplosion.give - Able to use /boom give <player>
    • boomsplosion.take - Able to use /boom take <player>

    Download: BoomSplosion v1.0
  2. Read the guidelines.
    Also I'm pretty sure something like this has been made before.
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    Just letting you know I am not anywhere near to being new. I just released this because there is nothing else like this out there and this is very creative.

    How many plugins have you made?

    You are such a queer...

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    You have just lost a ton of self-respect.
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    Good to know?
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    See that? Of value and new.
    I could go on a serious rant right now, your level of ignorance is killing me. You sir, have no respect from me, and because of the things you've said alone, you have lost respect from many. If you're going to act like a 10 year old, develop like one (which you are doing.) But you have NO right to call anyone, anything, when you don't fall under the same jurisdiction (heres the definition if you don't understand.)
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    Please don't go around acting like an Administrator, its not even one bit funny? I don't get it...
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    I'm not, I'm stating my opinion... so...
    Please don't go around acting like a 10-year old, it's just stupid...
    Edit: Also, I would try lowering that ego of yours.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    @Chiller that's enough trolling. Thanks. The mock "complicated" plugin release can be a good laugh but you're taking it down a dark and dirty path nobody needs.

    @steaks4uce don't feed the troll
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    Psst, check @mbaxter's post date :p
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    @Chiller Please fix this thread.

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