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  1. Hello, first off if anyone could make this plugin for me, no pay, that would be great and help a lot!

    What I want:
    - A config where I can customize the following: Slot number, Item name, Item lore, Author of book, Text in the book, Colour for each of the above (except for slot number) and finally to have the option to disable the item from spawning in your inventory in certain worlds.

    - I would like it so you spawn with a book EVERYTIME you login, not just on the first join.

    - You can customize the text within the pages in the book and add or remove however many pages.


    If anyone could make this for me, that would be of great help and I would much appreciate it!

    - BucketConfigured
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    I'd like to see this plugin be made as well.
  3. Thanks for these suggestions. I have already looked into these plugins. Only problem is the Custom Join items doesn't have the book feature, even though it's in their To-do list, and First Join Plus doesn't have the option to set it in a slot number you set in the config. I guess I'll have to wait for them to add this feature in, if they even do. :)
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    Bucket Configured
    Not exactly what you want but since CookooCam PM'ed me and said it was for a minigame server it will probably do the trick.
    This will give a saved inventory to any player when he / she joins the server. Supports books etc.
        description: Changes default inventory
        usage: /invonjoin
        description: Lets you use /invonjoin
        default: OP
    Use /invonjoin to change the join inventory to your current inventory
  5. Hey, thanks for this, but I have other plugins that already spawn their own items in my inventory. Do you think if I still do the command you made, it'll spawn those in and have the same functions, like say, opening a GUI?
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    My plugin only spawns stuff in.
    Most plugins can't tell the difference as their stuff works with item type, name and lore. All of those won't change with this.
  7. So if I have 4 items in my inventory, 2 on both ends of the hotbar, and I put a book in the middle, did the command, it would only spawn the book, along with the items already in my hotbar and not mess with them like this picture:[​IMG]
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

  9. Okay, well you see the Compass, clock on the left side, and the firework, emerald and egg on the right. Those are all spawn in from other plugins. Now if I put a book in my inventory (the middle) and did the /invonjoin command, would it spawn the book in every time I joined and also keep those other items (egg, firework, compass, clock and emerald) and have those items keep its functions like egg opens a GUI?
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    The items will still work, and try it, worst that can happen is that it will override it, if it is not working then remove my plugin and it goes back to normal
  11. Wow, it worked, it deleted 1 item, but I luckily could fix that. Thanks SO much man! Appreciate it and the quick replies! :)

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