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    Ive seen a few plugins but none of them do everything I want.

    Plugin Name: Book Archives, Ancient Archives, Book Mania, Digi-Books, Digi-Library

    What it does:
    - Players can use a command to store written books into a digital archive that can be retrieved anytime by a simple command.

    - All archived books would be stored in player specified groupings.

    - There is no limit to how many book groups there can be, as well as no limit to the number of books per group.

    - Some groups can even require the player to have the proper permission node to even grab a book from that group.

    - Players would be able to use a command to see all groups and all books within those groups that they can grab.

    - To help reduce mess, players can simply just toss these books and they will disappear like they never existed.

    /Archive (Book Name) (Book Group) | Archives book into specified group

    /GrabBook (Book Name) | Allows player to obtain a copy of specified book

    /DelBook (Book Name) [Book Group] | Allows player to delete archived book

    /RepBook (Book Name) | Replaces the archived book for the one the player is currently holding.

    /EditBook | Unlocks written book to be re-written. Previous info would be retained for easier editing.

    /CreateBookGroup [-p] (Book Group Name) | Creates a new book group. If -p is added to the command it creates a permission node for the group.

    /DelBookGroup (Book Group Name) | Deletes specified book group. Books in group get moved to an Unused book group only viewable to Ops/Admins via permission node.

    /MoveBook (Book Name) (Move To) | Moves book from whatever group its in to the specified group.

    /BookFind [Group] | If player doesnt specify the group, it shows all groups available to the player. If the player does specify a group it shows all books within the group.

    archive.(groupname) | Allows access to group of books, groupname is the name of the group
    archive.admin | Allows players to basically do all commands.
    archive.use | Allows players to use /GrabBook and /BookFind
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    Could really use this.
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    Hmm intresting idea you have here add me on skype Ender9781
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    Sadly I dont use skype, I use RaidCall.
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    K. thn if i need any info ill ask here, and pleasee tag nme in it.
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    Can do.
    btw, I modified it a bit. Hopefully it makes it easier to understand if it was somewhat confusing before.
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    Does everyone get there own book group or every group gets there own?


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    Well only admins/ops are intended to make the Book Groups. I doubt players themselves wouldn't be bothered with making their own archives.

    My whole intention with it is to explain the server to new comers, give other ops/admins a list of rules and guidelines to follow when im not on, and have some tutorial books on how to use some plugins.
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    I can make it so they spawn with them do you want that or i dont undertsand what ur asking.
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    While it would be a bonus to get new players to spawn with specific books, that not the full intention of the plugin.
    Ok I try to write out a scenario and use the commands to explain how it works.

    So say I made a book, I would then first need to create a Book Group to store the book. So I would then use the command /CreateBookGroup [-p] (Book Group Name).
    Say I want anyone to use it and not need a permission to access this group of books, so I would enter /Createbookgroup Basics. If I wanted it to require a permission node, I would simply put the -p into the command.

    So now I have my Book group "Basics", and I have my book that I want to store. With the book in my hand I would use the command /Archive Info Basics. The command itself doesnt worry about what I assigned as the books name previously, the command would save the book in a file and label it as "Info" and that it belongs in the Basics group of books.

    So, later on a player comes on and needs some basic information of the server. The player would first need to use /BookFind [Group], so the player just does /Bookfind . Since the player didnt label a specific group of books, it would show all book groups available to them. Since the only one we made so far was "Basics" it would list the "Basics" book group to the player.

    The player then enters the command again, but this time does /BookFind Basics, this time it shows the player ALL the books in the Basics book grouping. Finding a book the player would want, the player would enter /GrabBook Info, this then makes the plugin find the book labeled "Info" and then gives the player a copy of the book.

    The player can then open the book and read any and all information I put in the book to get any information they might of been searching for.

    Does this help?
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    When do you need it by?
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    Anytime really, im not picky. Although the faster the better.
    How long would you think it would take you?
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    About a week or 2.
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    Ya thats fine.
    I hope the scenario helped make it easier to understand. I tend to get complex with writing things out.

    If you have anymore questions, fire away.
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    So hows it going? its been about 2 weeks now.
    Im in no hurry, especially right now as my computer has been at the repair shop for about a week now.
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    Well I guess awesome man either died or isnt doing it.
    Anyone else wanna take a crack at it?
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    He was last online today :eek:
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    Might do this, might not. Let's see how I feel tomorrow.

    If I do, I'll release this in two versions: One for your general archiving for fast use and another for your groups in a close future.

    Then again, it all depends.

    Also, I've decided to make the commands list less varied/complex/conflicting, and made the perms system more customizable.

    Archive Commands:

    /Archive Create <Group Name> [-p] - Create an archive grouping. [-p] creates a perm node for the group.
    /Archive Delete <Group Name> - Delete an archive grouping.
    /Archive AddBook <Display Name> <Group Name> - Archives the book into the specified group.
    /Archive Search [Group Name] - Shows all Books. If no group is specified, shows all groups.
    /Archive List - Lists all books in archive
    /Archive Obtain <Display Name> - Grabs a copy of the specified book.
    /Archive Replace <Display Name> - Replaces the specified book with the one in your hand.
    /Archive Transfer <Display Name> <Orginal Group> <New Group> - Moves the book from the first group to the second group.

    Book Commands:

    /Book Unlock - Unpublishes the book so it cn be altered. Original content is kept.
    /Book Rename - Allows for the changing of a book's title.
    /Book Lock [player] [player2] [player3] e.t.c.- Publishes the Book. [player] e.t.c. specifies who can unlock/rename the book.


    digilibrary.archive.create = /archive create
    digilibrary.archive.delete = /archive delete
    digilibrary.archive.addbook = /archive addbook = /archive search & /archive list
    digilibrary.archive.obtain = /archive obtain
    digilibrary.archive.replace = /archive replace
    digilibrary.archive.transfer = /archive transfer = /archive unlock = /archive rename = /archive lock = Overides /archive unlock & /archive rename parameters

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    Cool, So when could I expect this to be ready for download?
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    Give it a few days.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Not dead, just haven't been online
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    That could mean he/she is dead. You never know.

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