Bonfire Plugin (A Dark Soul's Inspired Graveyard system)

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    I am working on reconstructing the world of Dark Soul's in Minecraft atm for my server, and I was wondering if it would be possible for a system similar to the bonfires in Dark Soul's to be implemented as a plugin. To those not familiar with Dark Soul's, you progress through the game and come upon bonfires, which you can light and rest at. The bonfire that you light becomes your respawn point (and any other bonfires you had lit before go out, so you don't have multiple spawn points.)

    Now I'm not sure if it is possible for a plugin to handle spawn points for individual players (as in multiple players playing in the same world could have different spawn points/bonfires lit). If it is, that would be a necessary component in the plugin. If that is not possible, another option is for the world to load in as an instance, where every player who tries to join the "Dark Soul's" world will be in a world by themselves, thus eliminating the need for individual spawn points.

    Now what I was envisioning was as an admin, I could designate a block of netherrack as a bonfire, and when a player right clicks it, it lights up, thus rendering it a spawn point. If I wish to mimic the game exactly, I would require the spawn points to be able to be indoors (the game usually dislikes this but I know there are ways around it).

    Those are the basics of the plugin, however, there are other functions the bonfires have that I will list if anybody wishes to tackle these aswell.
    Once a bonfire is lit, the character has the option to interact with it again, and either "Rest", "Level Up", "Repair Equipment", "Warp", and "Bottomless Box".

    I was thinking, that if a player interacts with the bonfire after it is lit (right click), it could initiate a system where the plugin responds to what the player types. For instance, it will say "Type "Rest" to rest, Level-Up to level up" etc.

    Now Rest and Repair Equipment are the only functions I really deem necessary at all, and they'd be pretty self explanatory. Rest would simply heal you to full health and hunger, and Repair Equipment would repair your armor or weapons for in game currency (I'm envisioning you right clicking the bonfire with the piece of equipment you wish to repair). However, both of these functions are simply icing on the cake and are not necessary.

    If anybody wishes to take up this challenge, good luck, and many thanks!

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