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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Bomber

    What I want:
    I'd like a plugin that is called Bomber. You have a stick in your inventory and a stack of tnt. When you right click the stick it will shoot out tnt, and blow up. The tnt won't blow up blocks, just take damage. I also want points to win system. To earn a point you have to kill a person. I would like the points to be set to 20. The first person to reach 20 kills wins. The points would be displayed on the side so you know who's in the lead. The game should last 20 minutes then it will end. When the person dies, they will respawn above the map to watch, they can run the command to leave the game or wait till the next one starts.

    Features that I need:
    Join Signs
    Scoreboard telling the score and time left.

    Ideas for commands:
    /bomber join <id>
    /bomber leave
    /bomber start <id>
    /bomber setspawn <id>
    /bomber setjoin <id>
    /bomber enable <id>
    /bomber disable <id>
    /bomber restart <id>

    Ideas for permissions: (Don't have them set by default.)

    When I'd like it by:

    Can anyone do this?

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    I've got a couple questions. Is there going to be multiple arenas? Or just one arena that you set the spawns for, and can join? Also, how would you like the tnt to "shoot out?" Like would you want it to spawn where you are looking at? Or have a velocity so it would appear as if it were literally shooting out?
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    Just one arena, kinda like MCSG where it will just bring you back to the lobby when the game is over. You can do whatever with the tnt. It can spawn in or shoot out, whatever is easier.
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    Alright, it seems like an interesting game. I might pick it up, but I probably won't have enough time, so anyone else who wants to take this up is welcome to.
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    Alright. Who ever does it will get Dev rank on my server. It comes with a lot of commands. Also, Jungle, if you want to do it, you can take your time, I don't need it for about another month maybe. Thanks.
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    Generally when people make plugins they do not hope for a Dev rank. They could get that elsewhere. Often its about the concept of when the plugin is or what it has to offer. Generally that is experience.
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    Yes but it may take me a while. I have already started but there are some projects that I can't avoid that might get in the way...
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    Yeah, I know, but at least I offered something in return. :)

    Ok, thanks. You can take your time, I won't need it for awhile because I need to get another server setup first.

    Friendly bump.
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    Is anyone able to do this or has started on it?
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    i will start to do this, but no guarantees on me successfully developing the plugin
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    Ok, thanks.
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    iWesley23 What do you mean by <id>? if there isn't multiple arenas, then what do mean? Is there teams, or is it Free for All? A little bit more info would be great :)
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    Ohh, there will be multiple arenas. And it will be a free for all. Sorry I didn't say that stuff.

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