Boats and Ships Plugin?

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    Im making a new server and would like to have a plugin that works just like the Boats and ships mod. I might add special perks on my server to whoever creates one. It needs to be able to support
    dispenser shooting thanks!
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    Maybe you could add some more information as to what the mod does because many may not know how the mod functions or what it does. Be sure to use the proper format!
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    inventorman101 Retired Staff

    Already made it is called BoatMod
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    Okay learned proper format!

    ALSO-Please read entire post before you decide it is too much work
    Plugin Category:Boats

    Suggested Name:Boats and Ships Plugin (I dont care cuase the one i got isnt original)

    What I Want: I would like a plugin that lets you create boats(and submarines) ingame that move like the Boats and Ships mod. I would like it to let redstone contraptions to work. If possible I'd like it with minimal lag. NO crashing into land (maybe other boats). SINKING? yes please. If possible I'd like to be able to define an area that will stick for multiple uses and/or players (w/custom nameing like "Docks") for creating the boats and submarines.I would also like to set classes like warships and Cruise. Boat naming would also be nice. I would also like the naming to make it so there is only one of each name. Also inboat classes catergorizing people (
    even when they are not on the boat) like Captain, Cook, Fisher and other things, also I would like to be able to configure what titles are in each boat class (Ex. Pirate>Captain, Chef, Pirate, Canonneer ; Cruise>Captain ,Caterer and other things). Certain things could work with a faction plugin and it would be nice if Chest Shop works onboard (merchant ships). I would like for players too buy their ship for a configurable amount.

    Ideas for commands: /boat create: lets player create a boat (in a certain space that they or an admin defines)
    /boat finish: completes boat.
    /sub create: lets player create a submarine
    /sub finish: finishes submarine
    /boatclass set: choose what type of boat it is (Ex.Warship, Cargo, CruiseShip, Pirate)
    /boat name: name your boat.
    /captain set: Sets boat captain(changeable captains)
    /[BoatName] [player name] setclass[class]: defines players class on a boat.

    Ideas for permissions:One that controls defining an area to build (for admins)

    Ideas for configuration(if possible) : Blocks: let you choose what blocks you can have in the ships (so things like obsidian)
    Max size: self explanatory
    Min size: self Explanatory
    Boat classes: what types of classes that can be set
    Player classes: (possibly integrated into Boat classes) what classes/titles players can get on their boat class

    When i'd like it by: November 2nd (January at the latest(i understand that it may take time))

    I will let whoever creates this have special permissions and other things on my server IF THEY WANT.:D
    I would like this to be a private plugin so it can be original on my server.
    This can be one Big plugin or a few smaller ones that work together.
    This plugin would basically define my server.

    I would like it to be able to function alogside other plugins that you could even incorporate if needed.
    Plugins I have: Chest Shop, DiscoSheep, Essentials, Essentials Chat/GroupBridge/GroupManager/Protect/Spawn, Factions, FishingLures, FishingTournament, iConomy, KillAllMobs, Lockette, LogBLock, Scheduled Announcer,SimpleBackup, SimpleWarps, SpamGuard, SwearingBlocker, VirtualChest, WorldEdit,WorldGuard, and hopefully this one;)
    I realize that not all of these plugins will be affected and that I might have two that do the same thing. So tell that to someone who doesnt care.

    I DO NOT want anybody saying this is impossible. Just Kindly tell me if there is something that absolutely wont work so i can change it.
    I Realize that this might take time, is very demanding, and might be very complicated.
    I will let whoever makes this add /change/ subtract things so it will work and so they can have some of their own custimization too it.
    I also realize that by this time it is completely original.:D

    I would also like a brief summary and tutorial on how to work everything in it.

    Please! Once you have created it send it to my email!
    I will give you my email when you tell me it is completed.

    Perks for the person creating this
    • Op on my server and/or highest rank.
    • Helping me with my server (mainly with this plugin).
    • Free large amount of starting money.
    • Will get credit for creating the plugin in the server and internet sources
    • The satisfaction of helping someone in need:D
    • Recommendation to people who ask for plugin help (if you want it)
    • White Listing for my server to help create it​
    I will update this post with bugs and other things.​
    Please let me know if you have any Question or if something is incorrect.​
    I will greatly appreciate This!!!!!!!!!:D

    Thats a Mod..... I want Plugin with my new description.

    Alright I checked into it and I think I'll try getting my version before I try that.

    Sorry if I seem demanding I want some Originality and Quality.:D [iron] [iron]
    I really want to have a nice original server that will get popular soon. [iron] <--- Bukkit YAY!

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  5. Okay, let me explain this.... With a plugin you can't add items, you only can modify old ones. So, you could have for a plane, maybe a flying boat? But it can't be an entirely new item in itself.
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    What do you meen? I dont know where it says about a new item. except for in the post I deleted becuase it was before I read some other thing and it was a fail.
  7. With client mods you can create new items.... Like you could create a plane and have it look like a plane and it can fly...

    With server plugins you can only modify other objects.... So you could take a minecart and tell it to fly.... So you could have a flying minecart but not a actually plane....
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    So isnt this just Modifying a group of blocks to act in a certain way?
    Where does it say i want a new block?
    I want to be able to build a boat out of blocks. not create a boat thats like those planes in mods.

    I get what you are saying but I dont think you are getting what I meen.
  9. I understand now.... There is already a plugin for cars... I will get you the link in a bit but you can search in the meantime.... (currently a hurricane coming)
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    inventorman101 Retired Staff

    IT ISNT A MOD. It is a plugin! search it!
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    I figured that out my self cant you read?:confused: The second line Says:
    Im sorry if that wasnt clear. (it should not have been named mod if its a plugin):confused:

    Umm I want boats though and I have no clue how to code or whatever you do to make a plugin so.........
    Can you read my description? My server is going to be based around boats and fishing soo please read my second comment (or the 4th post/comment). <-------Whatever you want to call it. And stay safe in that HURRICANE please.:D

    Hey inventorman it looks like you do programming! how bbout you give this a whirl!:rolleyes:

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  12. Minecraft comes with boats....
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    I think he wants larger boats ;)
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    Jade Retired Staff

    Boats like REAL boats... Titantic sized boats... (That's an over-exaggeration, but w.e)
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    Probably could be done utilizing ShapeShifterAPI, soon to be released!
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    Yes that is what I want! To be able to make them ingame with blocks like Nether Portalsand Iron Golems, etc.

    And please if you can even attempt to try this it would be GREAT! I want to start working on m server not just singleplayer anymore.:cool:

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    Hoolean Retired Staff

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    Hey guys,

    i am looking for a similiar plugin:

    - You can create a ship with different blocks, select them (for example with worldedit) and define them as a ship.

    Now you can use that ship like the normal minecraft boat, by using wasd

    If this plugin would be possible, it would be great!
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    Yeah this would be great for me as well. this is what I want to base my server around. i know theres another one thats not as complicated but its not complicated enough.:D
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    these are nice plugins, but:

    is there any possibilty for aplugin, where the buildet structures does not move block by block, but continuosly like the little original minecraft boat?

    Something like this mod, but not as mod with new items (champaign bottle and so on), instead with commands like /ship create
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    Nope, except maybe with changed falling-sand blocks, but that would probably be very buggy.
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    I dont think those will work for me seeing as how 3 of them have zeppelins which I dont want and The last one is not as good as I would like it to be. I understand they work but I would like something a little more.

    Ive already searched the internet a million times and I dont think that anything Ive seen so far will work for me.
    I would really like one like this one. If you havent seen my second post its got all the info about what I want.
    Sorry if I am too demanding.

    That is what I would like.^ This mod is very similar to what I would like.

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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    Check out ShapeShifter API (search it on BukkitDev)!

    It will allow some more control over falling blocks.
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    That would probably work, but I think it will be very buggy, because people usually fall through them, etc. I think it will cause a lot of flickering blocks, and other things like that. I sure hope it doesn't though, because it has many great uses.
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    HEY if there are any plugin developers that can work on this please do! I want to get my server running soon with this.:D

    Edit: Is anybody working on this yet?

    Anybody working on this? I need this to start my server!:rolleyes:
    (when I men start I mean start working on it.):D

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    I know people are talking about this but is anyone working on this yet? or is someone trying to figure out how to do this I would like some notices...
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    What you're requesting needs client mods. This will never work as just a Bukkit plugin, and if it does it will be extremely glitchy and unreliable. Not to mention you won't be able to control your boat unless you use some kind of boat/minecart steering.
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    umm Ive been told other wise......

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