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What should I add/change next?

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  3. Change the colors

  4. Change the colors and layout

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  5. Online/Offline indicators

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  6. Player faces

  7. Admin Page

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  1. thanks it works now

    is there a way to add a Online and Offline stats? that works with bungeecord
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    To where? To the all players list, or just as a separate module?
  3. just on the profile page of a player, and can you send me the lolmewnStats stats from the admin panel my are deleted https://gyazo.com/64f08da0beda3bfbf5db6da90acd5a84
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    Well add then very soon!
    As for the admin panel, I'd recommend downloading the latest version and using the new installer.
  5. so now there is a new update?

    Edit: is see the installer is better now!
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    The latest commit includes an online-offline indicator on the player page
  7. is it possible to add this for the urls
    1. stats.website.com/player/playername
    2. website.com/stats/player/playername
    and not this stats.website.com/?page=player&id=playerid or

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    Yes, but it's not very high on my priority list right now.
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    Added in latest commits :)
  10. thanks :)
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    That's irrelevant. Are you sure your lolmewnStats database is populated by lolmewnStats?
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    if lolmewnStats is my stat db from plugin stats
    then this is populated

    or has it to be a clean db?

    if i try a clean one it doesent populate it
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    BlueStats only displays the data in the mysql databases. Make sure your mysql details are correct
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    Edit edit
    plz someone kick me ;) ive loaded the wrong stats plugin,
    Can i help a bit, by writing a complete howto for dummies (like me) ?

    EDIT v2.0
    everthing works now,, but

    HOW to fix :

    Player name history
    Plugin not found: nameHistory

    McMMO Stats

    Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /var/www/plugins/mcmmo/modules/playerXp.php on line 11

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in/var/www/plugins/mcmmo/modules/playerXp.php on line 11
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    Just enable the nameHistory plugin by adding it to the plugins array on the admin panel.
    The mcmmo data is missing
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    gonna check namehstory plugin then,

    but what about mcmmo, I've checked the login many times, and db and so on,
    but it still shows this


    im using mcmmo 1.7 Release Build: 1.5.00


    where do i find nameHistory plugin for bluestats?
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    1. Download the newest version of mcmmo. 1.5 doesnt support uuids. You need at a min 1.5.01-SNAPSHOT

    2. just add nameHistory to the plugins option
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    Dragon Network

    I get 2 errors on install, Unknown error: [8] fwrite(): send of 7 bytes failed with errno=1 Operation not permitted. File:/home/dragepso/public_html/Analytics/classes/query.php Line:172 and Unknown error: [8] Undefined index: favicon. File:/home/dragepso/public_html/Analytics/parts/head.php Line:25
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    If you are using a paid webhost, they have probably disabled the sockets extension. Either request them to enable it or disable the query plugin from the admin panel.
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    I'm using BlueStats 2 for Stats2 and I get this error when I openup the web page

    PHP Error Message

    Warning: require(__DIR__/include/security.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/a6836825/public_html/stats/index.php on line 2

    PHP Error Message

    Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required '__DIR__/include/security.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/a6836825/public_html/stats/index.php on line 2
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    Thats wierd. The second line of index.php should look like
    require __DIR__."/include/security.php";
    If thats not the problem, I will need some information about your php and BlueStats installation. Eg, The install location of BlueStats 2, Your operating system, etc
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    This is the index.php file, the host is on 000webhost.com, using php 5.2.*.

    EDIT: Realized version does not suite the requirments.

    require __DIR__."/include/security.php";
    header( 'Server:',true );
    $errors = array();
    /* Set app path (This is to make including other folders and pages easier) */
    $app_path = __DIR__;
    if ($debug)
    /* Configs */
    require __DIR__."/configs/mysql.php";
    require __DIR__."/configs/player.php";
    require __DIR__."/configs/highscores.php";
    require __DIR__."/configs/blocknames.php";
    require __DIR__."/configs/faces.php";
    require __DIR__."/configs/all-players.php";
    require __DIR__."/configs/general.php";
    require __DIR__."/configs/server.php";
    require __DIR__."/configs/home.php";
    require __DIR__."/configs/local.php";
    /* Functions */
    require __DIR__."/functions/general.php";
    require __DIR__."/functions/player.php";
    require __DIR__."/functions/global_stats.php";
    require __DIR__."/functions/image.php";
    /* Classes */
    require __DIR__."/classes/query.php";
    require __DIR__."/classes/queryException.php";
    require __DIR__."/classes/ping.php";
    require __DIR__."/classes/pingException.php";
    require __DIR__."/classes/main.class.php";
    require __DIR__."/classes/player.class.php";
    require __DIR__."/classes/mysqli.class.php";
    require __DIR__."/classes/plugins.class.php";
    /* Setup BlueStats Core */
    $BlueStats = new BlueStats($config,$serverId,$app_path);
    /* Setup Default pages */
    $BlueStats->addPage("highscores","High Scores","left");
    $BlueStats->addPage("allplayers","All Players","left");
    $BlueStats->addPage("pvp","PvP Stats","left");
    $BlueStats->addPage("blocks","Block Stats","left");
    $BlueStats->addPage("tracker","Live Tracker","left");
    /* Include theme */
    include __DIR__."/themes/{$BlueStats->getThemeId()}/config.php";
    /* Select page */
    $BlueStats->setCurrentPage((isset($_GET["page"]))? $_GET["page"] : "_HOME_");
    $page = $BlueStats->getCurrentPage();
    /* If player page get color and name*/
    if ($page=="player"&&isset($_GET["player"])){
        /* Initialize new player */
        $player = new player($BlueStats);
        /* Get player id and name */
        if (!is_numeric($_GET["player"])){
            if ($BlueStats->config["url"]["player"]["useName"]){
        /* Get player face */
        $image_url = player_face($player->playerName,1,$BlueStats->config["faces"]["head_colour"]["url"] );
        if ($player->playerSet){
            /* Get colour */
            if ($BlueStats->config["player"]["playerTheme"]&&$theme["nav"]["youtube"]){
                $theme["nav"]["color"] = get_main_colour($image_url);
                $theme["headers"]["color"] = $theme["nav"]["color"];
                $theme["pager"]["color"] = $theme["nav"]["color"];
    /* Html Header */
    include $BlueStats->loadPart("head");
    /* Nav Bar */
    if ($theme["nav"]["enable"])
        include $BlueStats->loadPart("nav");
    if ($theme["container"]["body"]["container"]){
        if ($theme["container"]["body"]["fluid"]){
            echo '<div class="container-fluid">';
            echo '<div class="container">';
    $errorPage = false;
    if ($page == "player"){
        if (!isset($player)){
            $errorPage = true;
            if (!$player->playerSet){
                $errorPage = true;
    if (!$errorPage){
        echo $BlueStats->loadPage();
        echo '<div class="alert alert-danger" role="alert">Error! This page does not exist!</div>';
    /* Errors */
    foreach ($errors as $error){
        echo '<div class="alert alert-danger" role="alert">'.$error.'</div>';
    if ($theme["container"]["body"]["container"])
        echo '</div>';
    /* Html Header */
    include $BlueStats->loadPart("footer");
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    BlueStats 2 & 3 work with PHP 5.2
    Try removing __DIR__. and the first "/" in every require statement.
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    To complete the installation, when I access the site, the following error was displayed.

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'xPaw\MinecraftQueryException' with message 'Could not create socket: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known' in /var/www/html/livestats/plugins/query/minecraftQuery.php:29 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/html/livestats/plugins/query/core.php(21): xPaw\MinecraftQuery->Connect('', '25565') #1 /var/www/html/livestats/index.php(54): query->__construct(Object(mysqli)) #2 {main} thrown in /var/www/html/livestats/plugins/query/minecraftQuery.php on line 29

    How do I solve the problem by doing?
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    You haven't entered an IP address for the server query. Either disable the query plugin or enter an ip
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    Hello I have an error

    Error (open)

    : file_get_contents(config.json): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/cristality/CristalGames/Stats/stats/index.php on line 23

    Warning: mysqli::mysqli(): Headers and client library minor version mismatch. Headers:50544 Library:100107 in /var/www/cristality/CristalGames/Stats/stats/classes/mysql.class.php on line 14

    Warning: mysqli::mysqli(): (28000/1045): Access denied for user 'cristality'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /var/www/cristality/CristalGames/Stats/stats/classes/mysql.class.php on line 14

    Warning: mysqli::stmt_init(): Couldn't fetch mysqli in /var/www/cristality/CristalGames/Stats/stats/classes/config.class.php on line 49

    Fatal error: Call to a member function prepare() on a non-object in /var/www/cristality/CristalGames/Stats/stats/classes/config.class.php on line 50

    I do not understand what to do with knowing that there no setup panel
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    To install BlueStats 3 please go to install/
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