Filled BlockPlace (Place blocks on top of blocks you can't)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by tspierer2, Oct 6, 2018.

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    Plugin category: World Editing and Management

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2+

    Suggested name:

    What I want: I want the ability to place any block on top of any block in my creative server.
    For example, placing a flower on top of a gold block, or a pot on top of a glowstone.
    Very simple, I hope there isn't further explanation needed.

    Thank you very much, I am not in a rush so take your time to make this.
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    Ohh, can do!
    (That means claimed)
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    I liked your idea and I have already created the plugin because it wasn't much a deal to be honest.
    But, there are some complications. First, no matter what, large plants can't be placed on anything since the upper half collides with the bottom one and if the bottom one isn't a grass, it simply gets broken. Also, I'm struggling a bit around chest/furnace/etc. rotation. But, it won't take much longer I hope.

    Btw., do you want it on 1.13 or 1.12? (I've already started on 1.13)

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    Thank you so much, I am shocked that no one else has made a plugin like this. I would greatly appreciate it if you could make both vesions 1.12.2 and 1.13.1 (I am going to update in the future once other plugins are compatible), unless the 1.13.1 version works on both then that would be fantastic. Thanks again, and no rush.

    Thank you, much appreciated. Keep us updated <3
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    Bump, no update from devs
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    bump#5 can someone confirm if this is possible to do (with randomSpeedTick set to 0)
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    With the spigot.yml you can set different things to tick at different speeds, even having specific crops grow at different rates. If somebody knows how this works, they could set the tick on flowers to 0? Maybe? Other way to accomplish this is to use //fast with worldedit to place the flower on dirt/grass and then replace the dirt/grass with something else. But if the blocks around the flower update, the flower will still pop off.
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    I think it's very possible but would just take some time and effort because of all the different block combinations. It's just like setting a certain block with worldedit to something as a outcome to the right clicking. There might be more efficient ways to go about this, idk much about coding. Also what I meant with the randomTickZero is that I have it enabled on all my servers because it is creative, if that would help the plugin by any chance.
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    bump #6 i will bump this till the end of time
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    bump #7
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    A problem I see with making this plugin is trying to make it compatible with other "World Guard" type plugins where players are not allowed to place blocks in certain regions. Specifically in your case, if you were to implement this plugin in - let's say your plot server - it would have to detect whether the player is trying to place the block in their own plot, and if they aren't, to cancel the block placement.

    That being said - I found a plugin that allows you to place blocks in air. Using this technique it's possible to place dead bushes on top of glowstone. Be careful if you choose to use it, however, because you might run into the aforementioned problem. Link:

    If you don't end up liking this solution, perhaps you could provide us with all plugins you use to prevent griefing in certain regions - such as World Guard or any sort of plot plugin - so we can make you a plugin that properly caters to your specific needs.
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    I've created a new plugin that I think solves the whole World Guard dilemma. However, it requires that I replace the StructureBlock (id 255) with custom block items.

    This plugin can be very buggy, so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read the README file before using.

    The README explains how to use the plugin, except that you can use the /setblock command
    You just need to add "_poa" to the end of the block name that you can find in blocks.txt
    EX: /setblock ~ ~ ~ farmland_poa

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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    And what is wrong with the provided plugin?
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    Simply doesn't work in any way, and doesn't do as requested.
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    I'm trying to make something.
    I'll keep you up to date.


    It's almost done.
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