Blocking withers/golems

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by mastermustard, Feb 18, 2013.

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    So I've accomplished blocking golems and withers from being placed with CreatureSpawnEvent, but the issue I'm having is that you can't get the player who placed it with that event. what ive came up with is checking if a wither skull/pumpkin was placed then checking what the blocks around it were then I would be able to do something with the player. Is there a better/simpler way of getting the player who tried to build a wither/golem?
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    wow... I must of missed that when i was looking at that. thanks

    I'm having an issue with that, event.getEntity() seems to only get the entity that had spawned not the player who spawned it? how would i get the player who spawned it with that method (if possible)

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    Doesn't seem to be possible - checking the blocks as you've mentioned is the only way (currently) I think.
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    yea it seems to be that way, I've tried everything possible to CreatureSpawnEvent I think i might send in a suggestion later to add in a method to get the players that placed the last block
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