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  1. Hello,

    Some issues I've ran into are people using certain sub-commands in CommandBook that I can't block. I have all permissions set correctly, so please don't ask me to check those.

    Basically, the CommandBook coordinate teleporting goes like this:
    /tp 100,64,100
    But for some reason people can teleport to coordinates using:
    /tp 100 64 100

    And other issues are people doing things like "/tphere *" to teleport all players on the server. These commands are for sponsor (donor) ranks, except for the coordinate teleporting.

    If anyone can make a small plugin to block subcommands (the whole things) like "/tp 00 00 00" I would greatly appreciate it, or give any recommendations.
  2. Hmm, that is odd. Some plugins have child permissions for those sub-nodes, you could try negating them.

    WorldGuard has a nice command blocking feature, do /rg flag __global__ blocked-cmds. You can modify the world's config file directly to add more blocked commands if your chat window isn't long enough.

    As for a plugin, it would definitely be possible. Let me know if the above method of blocking commands doesn't work for you.

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