Block respawn.

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  1. I was looking for plugin that could respawn blocks after certain period of time. But I couldn't find any that was uptodate so i'm hoping some one could make one or tell if there is similar plugin already existing that is uptodate.
    I need this type of plugin for RPG server.
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    Link to the not-uptodate one?
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    Some inactive plugins still work even if they aren't updated to the latest CB, but I'm not sure if it's broken by now. Look at it this way though, it's open source at least, so it's possible... you'll just have to find someone to take time to do it. x3
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    It doesn't work, just tested it on the latest, it works as far as the part where it puts cobble up. but no respawn or ores.
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    Can somone please explain this to me, becuase I just honestly do not understand...
    Why do people want blocks to respawn!
    I just can't comprehend why in a million years you want your world to regen itself, it's so backwards to mc :p
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    As of today, 2/21/12 it works on the lastest build, R4

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