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    Suggested name: BlockProperty

    What I want: I would like to change as many properties of blocks as possible. I have looked for a block property changing plugin, but the ones I have seen only support changing blast resistance. I want to be able to change:

    Required Harvest Level
    Best Tool To Harvest

    EDIT 4/7/13: Light is client side, cannot do this part.

    Possible uses:

    To make obsidian vulnerable to TNT
    To make bedrock breakable
    Make snow harvest without a spade

    When I would like it by: Before 1.7 comes out

    Commands: /blockproperty reload - Reload blockproperty
    /blockproperty checkversion - Check your current version and see the latest version

    How I would like the config file:

    Simple, just have the all the blocks in single paragraphs in one config file. All the blocks will be already there, with their default values. Example:

    Hardness: 2
    Resistance: 30
    Tool: PICKAXE
    Harvest Level: 0

    Might be complicated, feel free to simplify the plugin, but not too much to the fact that you cannot change the hardness or resistance.
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    timtower Ninja on the waves Moderator

    chilbree Light is handled client side so that is impossible, and: "To make obsidian vulnerable to obsidian" what does that mean?
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    Oops, I meant TNT!

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