Block players from creating golems [Formatted]

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    Plugin category: Mech

    Suggested name: NoGolems

    What I want: A simple plugin to prevent players without a node from making golems.

    Ideas for commands: None.

    Ideas for permissions: golemallow.snow, golemallow.iron

    When I'd like it by: Now, if at all possible.

    Additional info: First one to make it gets a cookie.
  2. Just disable the Mob Golems.
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    I'd like golems, but not the player created ones, you know, with iron blocks. Also I'd like to reserve the sometimes laggy snow golems for specific groups.

    Indeed it does, but installing that entire plugin, merely for one of the 20 features that I will never use...

    Seems a bit silly doesn't it? Thank you for the suggestion though! :D


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    Thank you very much, it is perfect as is!

    You should make a BukkitDev page for it! I'm sure more people than just I would like this!
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