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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Wingzzz, Dec 11, 2013.

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    Hey, just a while ago I got quite intrigued by NathanWolf with block manipulation. So I've decided to look more into it and I'll be testing out different methods and approaches to a variety of situations when dealing with blocks and the manipulation of blocks. This may or may not turn into an API in which other developers can use and contribute/influence.

    Primarily I simply wanted a thread in which I could discuss and pass around ideas about the topic so thus my posting this.

    It will all be open source for anyone to use and perhaps at that point this will be moved to the resource section. I completely understand and acknowledge the existence of other resources/utilities/api's such as WorldEdit etc- albeit this is more so in a sense a way to further my understanding and enjoy myself at the same time (who enjoys working?- bleh).

    So, let the keyboard smashing, blanket hugging, pillow crying begin as I... we(my fellow Bukkiteers/Minecrafters)? embark on a journey in which many tears, or words of hatred and annoyance will be shared between us as I/we attempt to learn a thing or two.

    All information/sources/explainations/updates will be listed here- not quite sure what else to say but I hope this branches other projects, interest, and I'm hoping something cool, or lame- whichever, happens.

    This will most likely be available as a standalone, and as a shade-able(?) version. So you can use it for multiple projects or simply shade a compact version into your project for distribution along with your plugin.

    Important Comments:
    // These are comments within the thread that are important

    Resources / Projects:
    // These are resources/projects brought about, or involved in the discussion/brainstorming
    If there happens to be a better section for this, let me know.

    I would also like to ask that all criticism be constructive. All negative claims etc- should be backed by facts and optionally examples. You can link resources if you do not wish to explain fully but if you're so inclined to share you thoughts it'd be nice to the one receiving the criticism to understand why and to be helped.

    This thread will change over time! No worries about the clutter, unnecessary or lack of explanation.

    //To come...

    - Reserved -

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    Interested to see how out of the box you think with this - amazing things can be done.
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