Block commands in a certain area?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by emcitement, Jul 4, 2011.

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    I didn't post this in requests because I'm not sure if it exists.
    I had no luck finding anything through the search so I figured I'd ask.

    Is there any plugin that can block commands from being used in certain marked areas? My server has some special event maps. The only way to access them is through portals and players can't build or do anything of that sort in these areas nor can they bring in items.

    It works well that way. However, I do give the option to set a /home. So a player could set it inside the event map.
    Since they can't build or anything, nothing too negative would come from that but I don't want players being able to go there whenever they want. The rewards from events can sometimes be of high value and a player could go there and practice the map giving them more experience and an unfair advantage when an event is being hosted.

    Is there anyway I can protect these regions from commands?
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    Can't you just block entry for players when an event isn't being hosted?
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    That's what I do. But if they have used /sethome inside the event area then they'll still be able to teleport into it.
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    Oh, I thought they couldn't go in there at all!
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    I suggest you request a plugin that simply adds another /home like command like /eventport and then a command like /eventport reset, for after the event that is op/permissions only. Just a thought that might work better than the regional thing you were getting at. And then ban the /sethome inside of the stadiums.
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    There was this jail plugin in hMod (I don't know if it works now.) and there was this feature that you cannot use commands inside the jail. I don't know how this guy did it, but if you ask him what the code is, you might enhance it to Bukkit-style.
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