Block-based teleportation

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by tehd00d, May 31, 2012.

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    Hello there,
    I'm despertately searching for a simple, block-based teleportation plugin that works like this:

    create teleport on block/position 1
    create teleport on block/position 2
    link block 1 to block 2

    I once used a plugin that worked exactly like this but it's outdated and I can't find any alternatives that work with the current CB version.

    If you know such a plugin, please let me know.
    Otherwise if something like this doesn't exist and you are a programmer and would be able to make such a plugin, that would be awesome.

    Thank you.
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    Thanks for answering.
    I tried every one of those plugins but none of them worked for me.
    The only one that worked exactly how I described was BlueTelepads but it has a bug where you spawn in the ground below the pad and not on top of it. Im still using it since I didn't find any working alternative :/ if you happen to know more plugins of this kind, please let me know!

    Edit: I couldn't get OddTransport to work :( It causes errors in my console right when the server starts. I'm using the latest recommended build.
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    I'm still using blue telepads, and it seems to work fine for me.
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    I'll try and tell everyone about this plugin its awesome!

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