Blast resistance adjusting

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Jamesol1, Jun 24, 2020.

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    Minecraft version: 1.15.2 (ideally compatible with 1.12 too?)

    Suggested name: BlastRes?

    What I want: A plugin that would allow you to configure the blast resistance of blocks. This would work great for two of my projects. I'm sure a lot of faction/raiding servers would ustilise it too. I'm hoping its possible. If it would some how allow you to make custom blocks with their own resistence that would be a large bonus but im not sure if that is doable either.

    Many thanks!
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    I believe that this is what you are looking for site
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    Machine Maker

    Looks like that plugin has only been updated for 1.11, might still work on later versions, you'd have to test it out.
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    The source is on github so it can be updated if that's the problem
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    Ah thanks. I wouldn't know how to update it but il try it out.

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