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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by madtomic, Jul 29, 2019.

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    Plugin category: Mechnical

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Suggested name:

    What I want: I would like a plugin that would cancel enchantment of an blacklisted item by either Material or item display name.

    Player wants to enchant a diamond sword but it is blacklisted. So, they would be blocked from adding the item to enchantment table and the noEnchantMsg would be send instead.

    noEnchantMsg: "&cYou cannot enchant this item."

    Blacklist: material or name
    - Diamond Sword
    - "Some Awesome Sword"
    ***Ignore color code

    Commands/Permissions: none

    Thank you for reading.
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    Machine Maker

    I can whip this up real quick. Question though. I am probably going to use the minecraft names for blocks and such. Like minecraft:diamond_sword etc. You can find an extensive list of those here. Will that be fine? (in addition to the item display name)

    EDIT: Actually, they will be the names on THIS list.

    OTHER EDIT: @madtomic HERE is the initial version. I added one permission "blacklistenchanting.bypass" which ignore the blacklist. It is given to no one by default.
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    Thank you for doing this. Can you add a toggle option so it can be a material or a custom name as blacklist. I realized allowing player to enchant regular diamond sword but not allowing them to enchant a diamond sword with name Epic diamond sword that is part of a server gift would make more sense.
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    Machine Maker

    Can you not already do this? Just remove DIAMOND_SWORD from the item list and add the name to the display name list.
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    @Machine Maker

    Sorry, I haven't test this. I just making sure the request was understood. I will test the plugin now and report back. Thank you again.

    The material blackslist don't seem to work.
    - minecraft:DIAMOND_SWORD

    The custom name blacklist is working.

    Please add these feature as well.

    1) Added: Can you please add a reload command to reload the blacklist. It will make testing faster.

    2) It is always annoying that player could place an enchanted item in enchantment table. Can you block this? If an item is already enchanted. It should be block.

    noEnchanted: "&cThis item is already enchanted."

    3) Block player from using broken item in enchantment table.

    noBroken: "&cYou cannot enchant a broken item."

    Thank you!
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    Machine Maker

    @madtomic Remove the "minecraft:" part of the material blacklist.

    And yeah, I will add those other 3 features
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    @Machine Maker

    Excellent, and I will remove the suggested.

    Added: I don't know if making the blacklist to check only enchant-able items would make it better. I think, if you named a raw chicken one of the custom name. It would be blocked. I think this is kind of silly.

    Add blacklist to check only enchant-able items
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    Machine Maker

    @madtomic Ok, here is the new version.

    As for only checking the enchant-able items, thats more complex. cause technically all items can be enchanted. Just not in the base game. But you can apply fortune to a salmon.
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    Everything works well. Thank you so much!
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