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    You know how Whitelist enables your server private-like and the people in that list are only allowed to join? What if there was a Blacklist, its like you're banned, but you're not, you just find the server offline no matter what if that's the username that is being used. (Maybe you can put IP too).

    This can help servers in so many ways!
    1) No one would talk crap about the server because they were banned.
    2) No one could bug you and keep asking you to unban them.
    3) Those pesky friends you don't want joining on the server? Get their username, and don't ever let them join.
    4) And so much more!

    I'm desperately in need of a plugin like that, so if anyone's amazing, if possible, make this plugin?
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    I dont think that it is possible. None the bump
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    Lol? How can whitelist be possible and blacklist be impossible?
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    Im pretty sure that that is not modifyable by a plugin. That is something to do with the minecraft auth servers. Bukkit can only change something about the server once the player logs in or tries to lognin.
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    The only possibility would be to take your Server off the Minecraft online-list. (Make an unsecure offline-Server)
    The Problem is that you can only check the Authentification of an account by the Minecraft auth-Servers.
    To do this, the server must be registered there.
    If a Player checks an Online state of a Server, he asks the Minecraft authentification Servers, not the Bukkit Server.

    So you see, you have to decide between authentification and visibility, what is no real decision ;). Security should be always be the most important point.

    So all in all, No it is not possible with Bukkit. You would have to write an new Auth System for the Minecraft Auth Servers, where the Software is run by Mojang. (and I don't think they will change it ;) )
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    Basically a better explanation of what I said ;)
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    Yeah :D was just kind of bored ;)
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    I think what you are looking for is this : /ban [Player]
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    Lol, we'll I guess, this thread's no use. But the staff can leave it open, just in-case someone becomes epic, and they do it. ;)
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    Not possible.
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    What about this plugin?
    I was reading a bit of it. Didn't quite understand. Lol.

    What about this plugin?
    I was reading a bit of it. Didn't quite understand. Lol.
    EDIT: Link doesn't post for some reason. The plugin is called: BlacklistCheck

    From what I can read:
    "(v0.5) Choose to block the connection until the address may be verified, or allow the connection and kick if they are blacklisted"

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    This isn't possible through a Bukkit plugin. Stop bumping
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    Fine. -.-

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