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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by ctech9, May 28, 2020.

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    I'm looking for an IP blacklist plugin other than the ones that are already on the market. It should have a syntax like /blacklist add <player> /blacklist remove <player> and /blacklist list to list all blacklisted players. I realize that bans and IP-bans are already a thing, but I want to have blacklisting as the most severe punishment (no appeal, permanent) and the ones I've tried don't kick players when they join. They kick players when the command is executed, but not when they try to join again. I'd like to have an external config.yml so I can change the message without decompiling and recompiling the plugin, like others I've seen.
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    I think thats already a plugin on spigotmc. If you dont like it, please tell me and I might be able to make one

    SpigotMC Page
    If it doesn't come with a reload command, you should be able to just use /reload and it'll reload the whole server
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    @EtheaaryXD Theres a very good reason there is a warning when you do /reload - it should NOT be used you should simply restart your server when adding new plugins.
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