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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Black_Sirrah239, Jun 3, 2012.

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    Currently for 1.2.5-R3
    Black_Sirrah's Bukkit GUI is a Graphical User Interface that I am currently developing. I am trying to make an easy to use GUI for amateur and advanced Bukkit users alike. This GUI will host the server, so it is not needed by any users that join your server. This project is open-source and you can view the code, or make contributions

    Current version contains:
    Start the server
    Update GUI

    'Backup' does not work yet.
    'Edit Properties', 'Edit Ops' and 'Edit Whitelist' do not work yet. You can only view at the moment.

    Backup files
    Get the edit properties, whitelist and ops to work
    Add background
    Update Bukkit from inside GUI
    ?Add dropbox support for backup?

    Do you want to see something else in the GUI to make it better? leave a reply!
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    I'm on a mac so will it still work??? and is there any others like this if not
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    Dropbox shoud behave like a normal folder, so it should be possible.

    You might want to add some more information / screenshots.

    Seems like it's in java, so it should work. And else you could try to run it using mono.

    there are others, just search for GUI on the forums.

    Didn't notice the date, this thread is from July 3th 2011...
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