Biosphere Mod Request

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Keav, May 1, 2011.

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    just use the map
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    You can generate the map in solo mode and copy it in the server folder.
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    Is there any automatic way of doing this? Or do I need to install some sort of fly mod and wander around for days and days and days to get a big enough map?
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    There is a nifty program on the MC forums called MCTerra. It contains the biospheres generator and much, much more. It is an external program so you can generate the map on your PC and then transfer the output map files into your server.
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    You sure about that? I looked at the thread, and it appeared to have a 'planetoids' generator, but nothing like biospheres.
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    Recently? Dude it was 1.5, duh
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    Maybe try looking at the post date before you make snarky comments like this.
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    you owned me :S
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    It does have biospheres. I use it to generate maps for my server. It even has some nifty options for tweaking the biospheres generation. Did you even download it? It does have a planetoids generator, and a flatlands and a few others.

    EDIT: Here is the official link, in case you DL'ed from an imposter. it happens. ;3

    EDIT 2.0: Touche. The forum post makes absolutely no mention of the Biospheres generator. Just download it, I assure you it is there. ;)
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    Ok cool, now the forum post does have some mentions of biospheres, I swear it wasn't there last time I looked. I downloaded it, but it's very shady, it wants me to run it as administrator. Even minecraft itself doesn't require that, why would a map generator?
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    Don't know. I can tell you it is definitely positively 100% legit, though. Been using it for ages with no trouble at all.
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    Dude, look at the last post's date.


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