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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ndudsz, Jul 24, 2011.

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    I have a bukkit server going and after the last server restart all the biomes have changed! By this i mean it is now snowing in deserts and many places it shouldnt be... This is kind of a problem as we have a huge city being built in an that is now being covered in snow. Anyone else ever experience something like this and know a way to fix this? I am running several plugins but even when they were disabled the world was still like this.
  2. same thing has happend to me and if I go to newly rendered parts of the map it looks like the map seed has changed and also causing alot of ram usage
    i am looking how to fix but bit lost atm any ideas would be helpful :D
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    Yeah, same here. Whenever a new chunk gets generated, it's from a different seed. The new seed's chunks DO match up, but from what I can tell, the seed HASNT changed. The biomes are also changing (based off of the new chunk generation's biomes), so this is a problem. Did the world generator get updated, or is bukkit misreading the seed?

    EDIT: This is happening on CB 1000. Also WorldEdit's //regen generates land that matches the newly generated land.
  4. yea i tryed a //regen and a sand area turened in to a deap icy lake.
    I have stoped this world from loading now but i hope to fixit as it had lots of good builds on it
    I will be adding this map to a test server to see if i can fix it but i am worried i may have to delete it and start again :(
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    My problem is exactly the same as AgentKid... Does anyone know a way to manually change biomes? At least that would be a temporary fix.
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