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    much like in source games. you open the console and write bind h "say bla bla bla" or bind k kill
    inside the "" with say being the called command it will post something in the chat and without "" it will access something from the console or a command inside the game.

    i want a similar thing for bukkit. for example bind u "give NAME 64 64" or bind l "permissions -reload all"

    i think you get it.
    is this possible? if so, id love for this to happen :)
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    Sorry, I didn't actually understand what you were asking... Could you try posting the request as a numbered list? :/
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    This will require clientside modding. You will have to use BukkitContrib + a plugin that can create that.... I am working on this currently
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    idk really know what you mean but;
    1. write a commando
    2. the plugin name is yaht (just a random name) so, i will write "/yaht h give_myname_50_64"
    3. i press h and then i will be given 64 of the item with the id of 54. OR if i have bound something to say it will write the thing in the chat.

    i hope that help you understand

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