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    that is true i wish i could make it

    it could use schematics and add them in using a command or by spawn

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    What about a planting recipe instead of a command... perhaps an x of saplings which you right click on the center one when ready to grow.
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    Connor Mahaffey

    I know Java, and I've just made my first plugin. I'll look into this.

    What is easily possible, is just changing air blocks to log blocks, and making a kind of circular thing of leaves at the top. I'm terrible at "artsy" things but I can do my best.

    What I'm afraid of tho, is because it isn't "technically" a tree, all the leaves might decay :(
    But I'll try it sometime.
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    thanks connor and saplings in an x is a good idea
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    The leaves will only decay if they are updated... otherwise they will stay as placed... updating happens when torches are placed against adjacent block or when redstone current is applied.
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    Doesn't it just have to be connected closely to log
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    within 5 blocks of a log yes... but if it is outside that range my comment applies.
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    Then It could Just have a log every 5 leaves couldn't it and with the chugging thing is it only when a block is changed
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    Yup just giving suggestions to the coder on how leaves work ... the output method doesn't concern me as much as the overall look.

    so if you use extra leaves that might decay when you build near them I'm fine... if you fool proof them with logs in the radius I'm fine too
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    Thanks forhelping me understand this more
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    Not a problem... learned it through trial and error after adding a plugin that dropped leaves from trees and one that grew leaves randomly.

    Player placed leaves only work in the vicinity of logs... generated leaves work as previously stated.

    Glad I could help.
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Thanks for the info, good to know it works.

    I'll probably try this out tonight, but no promises. Big tress will probably be spawned by making a 3x3 sapling square, and then placing some kind of block in the center. Not sure what block yet, but it has to be rare. Having them spawn would be difficult and chaotic, and probably tax the server a good bit. I'll probably add support for commands, and an optional control so only ops can plant (or command) big trees (probably not permissions right away).

    Just letting you know that the first trees I try and create may be....ugly XD

    Alright, so here is the base of the tree, using a formula (which means you'll be able to specify how wide and how tall it is) - ignore the blocks I took out at the bottom:

    Here is what happens when you do derp coding:

    And this is how I get rid of it all after each test:

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    I agree this would be a great plugin, please continue to develop it, also I liked that derp tree haha.
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    this is epic thanks connor

    derp tree funny and thanks connor

    thanks again connor for doing this for us and will we get to test this

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    ' thanks connor'
    'thanks connor'
    'Thanks again connor'
    We think that he got the message xD. But this is very cool and im waitin for it also.
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    so has anyone started to make this then haha
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    Connor Mahaffey

    I have, if you look to the posts above.

    So everyone, yes you will get to test it, and I welcome your suggestions. I will continue to develop it. As of last night (after this screen shot was taken) I started working on the branches at the top. They look pretty good so far! Now I just need to add some randomly placed wood so that leaves don't decay, then add the leaves, which shouldn't be too hard.

    I'll add other features, like advanced permissions, building trees, etc. For starters, the command will be something like /gianttree or /gt <width> <height>.

    So far only bad thing I've noticed is that for some reason, when the blocks spawn, the player takes damage, even if he is really far away from the tree spawn. It's only half a heart but weird nonetheless.

    I don't have much time to work on it tonight or tomorrow, but *hopefully* it will be up by late Friday or Saturday. Again no promises, school is still in session. I'll update with a link to the official forum post when its done.
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    Waiting for this =DDddd
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Working on it right now :D

    UPDATE: Have to stop work tonight. Getting close to done. School ends Wednesday for me. I have a programming project for school I have to finish tonight. I'll let you guys know when the plugin is ready. I want to make it as full featured as possible.

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    Connor Mahaffey

    It's been a terribly long time, and I do apologize. I've been quite busy, and this plugin is actually turning out to be a little more difficult than I imagined, mostly because of an issue with shadow generation in bukkit that crashes the server! (I'll have to submit a bug report - I do have a workaround in place right now).

    Here's a screenshot of the trees so far:

    They look good, but I'm still a little unsatisfied. They are very square and have a lot of wood blocks in them.

    Also, because of the shadow bug/limitation, trees have to be generated very slowly. It can take almost 3 minutes to generate 1 tree! By making my plugin a little "smarter" hopefully I can half that at least. Two trees cannot be created at one time. The shadow bug/limitation may only affect those running a slow server (like me, because I'm running the server and the client on the same machine). I'll have options to make more than one tree build at a time, and to set the "speed" a tree should build, but the initial release will probably force you into the safest options. Making these trees is quite taxing on the server.

    I could release the plugin now, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist and don't want a buggy release. But I'll put off adding things like permissions support until a further date. Thanks for your patience.
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    You did very nice job and its not a problem that it took a bit time :). The more we wait the more we want it.
    Thx alot again you are the best and goodluck on further updates :D
    So far so good.
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    Quote trimmed to save space. Connor: have you seen the bo2populator plugin that came out recently? Hooks into the chunk generation and can currently add custom trees.

    Your trees look great by the way! I'd love to see a few around (would set them rare to keep them interesting) spawning naturally but also love the idea of a "sapling pattern" to grow them with (I agree with keeping it rare or permissions/ops only).
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    Connor Mahaffey

    And Version 0.1 is up!

    Thanks so much! :D

    I checked it out, and that looks like a pretty cool plugin! I'd like to see what kind of trees it can make.

    But thank you! Right now, they are spawned with permissions/ops but I'd like to add both a random % chance and some kind of special growth method, like placing a sapling on a gold brick or something..
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    Cool - will check out the new plugin soon.

    The bo2populator seems fairly easier to create a new file per tree type, currently has the tall pines as per the screenshot as well as a more "umbrella" type tree. More rare trees that you don't need to add if you don't want are a jack'o'lantern tree and cake tree :) Wonder how you trees would work as a bo2 file? (ie. how much lag it generates on new chunk generation).
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Hmmm, good point. I'd be interested to see how they generate it. If they put up the source, I might ask them to take a look. The lag might just be because I'm running Netbeans, the client, and bukkit on this old laptop :p but still I should check it out and see, maybe they can give me a few pointers or show me where I'm going wrong.

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