Big servers still need help... :(

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Rungario, Mar 18, 2012.

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    Alright, so here's what's happening. My username is Avengah, and I run one of the biggest minecraft servers, World of Heroes ( Now, with this server hitting 290 ish players at peak, you would think that I know what I'm doing. Well, I thought I did. Our server usually stays online for around two days before we run into serious lag issues and read timed out errors. But, recently, shit has been hitting the fucking fan. We cannot go an hour without having read timed out errors and crippling lag. This crash issue is seriously damaging my player base, and I have absolutely no fucking idea why.

    So, being out of ideas, I would like to ask this community to help me solve this issue. The specs of the machine are not causing the issue, so it has to be the plugins.

    If you're interested, please add me on skype. (Access to the server will be given).

    Skype - rungario1 from Dallas, Texas.
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    I can help you out, but when I go and look up your UserName on Skype it gives me some guy from Connecticut, US

    I belv I added you. I am kody.drozda (My username)

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    Seems like it was someone else. Think you can add me kody.drozda
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    We still need help.

    NOTE: Even a pretty fucking good dev couldn't figure this one out, so only reply to this thread if you have a LOT of experience.
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    Have you tried emptying out your server.log file? Even on my modest 10 player server, after about a week it hits about 5Megs in size.
    Let's say you haven't cleared out yours in half a year.
    300 players, around 40 plugins (guess)
    You're looking at around 400- 800 megabytes (another guess) of data dumped into the system log!
    just delete it, restart your server, and it should be better
    The reason this causes lag, is because the parser that reads it has to scan through everything whenever it writes something to the file. Since HDD speeds are limited (about 12MB/s) which is quite slow when reading through 500megabytes of text.
    If its not your server.log, try some of your other plugin logs. Towny, WorldGuard and some others have their own, especially anti griefing plugins.
    Databases also need clearing after a while
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    Nathan C

    Sir, please watch your language, take a seat and calm down.

    If you are only getting 12 MB/s write speed, then I think you need to find a new host.

    Yep and you did not give us any details to go off of. What plugins are you using? And YES most importantly what are your specs?
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    12MB/s is a HDD max write speed (at 7200rpm). If you have an SSD, congrats, you have much higher speeds.
    But you have a valid point, and I think many decent hosts run the server of off higher end systems.
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    Nathan C

    Not sure where you are pulling this information from, but 7200 RPM drives can do ~80-140 MB/s.

    Here is a 7200 RPM drive write test on Linux:
    minecraft@creampuff:~$ dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync
    16384+0 records in
    16384+0 records out
    1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 10.3243 s, 104 MB/s
    If someones hard drive is only pushing 12 MB/s then it is either bogged down by some programs or something is majorly wrong with it.
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    We're running on an SSD. The issue was a hardware issue compounded by Essential's incompetence to correctly update their plugins (just kidding they're great, but still they tickle my pickle sometimes >.>)
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