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    Suggested name: BetterNear

    What I want: What I'm looking for is a plugin that overrides the Essentials /near command with a better /near plugin. What I'd like this plugin to do is check around 500 blocks when /near is ran and check if any players are around. If there are not any players around it'll say [Near] Nobody within 500 blocks of you.

    Just a personal preference. If you wouldn't mind, Please make the response the following colors
    Color Scheme:
    If there are players near, It'll say a message like.
    I'd like the same color scheme with this also.

    Color Scheme:
    Ideas for commands: near

    Ideas for permissions: BetterNear.Near

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    makeing this rite now let me just seartch up a vidio how to do it

    atentian i just seartch up and i did found anything so i cant not make it sorry!!!!!!


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    Please stop trolling on my bukkit post. Thank you.

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    I've made a plugin like this before, it's called WhoIsNear. It's similar to what you want, but the command is /whoisnear and the range is configurable by the config.

    link: WhoIsNear.jar
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    Doesn't work. I also do not like it.
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    Maybe telling me what doesn't work and why you don't like it? That way I can fix/change it.
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    When I do /near it says
    'You don't have to use this'

    Things I do not like:
    This plugin doesn't work for me
    This plugin doesnt use color
    The command isnt even close to what I asked for.
    Not even what I wanted.
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    • 'You don't have to use this' is from a typo, should be "You don't have permission to use this"
    • Try giving yourself permission WhoIsNear.command (I can default it to OPs, everyone, or no one).
    • /near isn't the command(I can change that)
    • Plugin does use color
    Anything else?
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    GehGeh great English, I'm assuming youre about 5? And you cant just search for a video to show you how to make a plugin exactly how you want it...
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    Well here is the plugin:
    Command: /whoisnear or /near
    • WhoIsNear.command - Command
    • WhoIsNear.hidden - Hides you from other's radar
    • WhoIsNear.hidden.bypass - Show hidden players
    • WhoIsNear.found.warn - Play a sound if someone found you
    • WhoIsNear.found.tell - Tell you if someone found you
    WhoIsNear.jar - original plugin
    WhoIsNear_custom.jar - color codded just for you
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    Thank you so much, but one last request I'd hate to ask. On the "WhoIsNear_custom" Where it says "WhoIsNear" If you wouldnt mind adding a space after the bracket... Thank you so much for the plugin!
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    Sure, it only takes a second to fix.


    WhoIsNear.jar - original plugin
    WhoIsNear_custom.jar - color coded just for you
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    Thank you:)

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