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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by bobee98, Feb 13, 2013.

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    everyone knows that power tool plugin and when you click it executes the command right?
    well I need something like that but all it does it shoot things like fireballs, snow balls, wither heads, arrows and lightning it has to have a configurable cool down and permissions
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    hmmm....Like a magic plugin/ bending plugin?... if not...I'll try to do it
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    If your looking for magic type plugin check out my LightningRod plugin, adds about 10ish craftable magic wands :)
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    how do I make a rod that I can like put in a kit and it will give me that rod example someone gets this class through my custom made class plugin. what do I put as the id's for each rod?
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    Bukkit can't add new items, so you would have to use the /lr spawnrod <rod> command.
    The rod ID just tels my plugin what to use in the place of a blaze rod.
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    none of the commands are working though :confused:
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    If you are ussing Essentials powertools. Just put in /fireball command. It shoots a fireball like a Ghast. You can get someone to make a plugin in a way that it has to be put into an anvil and named "Something" for it to work.
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    I think your reading skills may have let you down. your comment makes almost not sense and is somewhat unrelated but I do appreciate your attempt at helping me :)

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