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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Lookatmego, Oct 11, 2011.

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    hey there,

    i've been using bukkit dev for a bit now for all my plugins and one main problem I have is the notification for subscriptions that i got or my own plugins not getting to me in time or never getting to me..i was wondering if its possible to get them as alerts on bukkit here also as email or on bukkitdev at the top have something like the alert system here..

    thats all:)
  2. They've said this is an WIP
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    Notifications system is fine for me, with exception of two things:

    - add notifications to forum
    - don't notify me about my own post.
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    This is really my only qualm with BukkitDev.
    Each project can have its own forum and comments can be made on pages which you allow. Which is quite nice. But there definitely needs to be some sort of alert system (not email) telling us developers that someone has made a comment somewhere (similar to what is here on or Bookface).
    This would allow developers like me who like to answer questions promptly, to be able to respond without having to waste time digging through our multiple plugins checking for page or forum comments.
    So when this eventually comes out, I will be happy.
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    Do people get Notifications if I reply to them on BukkitDev?
  6. Unless they've changed something, no.
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    That's pretty dysfunctional then..its hard to find plugins again after you commented.
  8. Completely agree
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    It'a been a couple of months with BukkitDev now, and still nothing happens. Hurray for Bukkit Dev. :eek:

    It's been over 3 months, 101 days to be exact. 2 things have happend:
    1) Fixed the 1 pm bug. If it's even fixed?
    2) Added a list so we can select Build.

    Anyone can come up with something else that was fixed or added in those 3 months? It's not like it was a week ago or something. But it's been a quarter of a year. And nothing, NOTHING at all has happened.

    Best. Decision. Ever.
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    I moved my plugins to BukkitDev some time ago. It took some getting used to. But most of it is on there now.

    I had been busy since then, but didn't get any issues, i THOUGHT. I didn't know I had to sign up for notification of comments/tickets for every plugin entry I created. Only today when someone PMed me with an issue I figured out there were a bunch of tickets and comments!

    I've been ignoring people for several weeks, until now. I feel really bad that I didn't notice that before. Maybe I should have looked into it and made sure. But really, there were a lot of changes when moving here. And I assumed that BukkitDev would simply notify me when people contacted me, why would I have to subscribe to my own plugin? And I do get an email notification for PMs.
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    How do you subscribe to your own plugin :confused: I've looked around and can't find anything, but I totally need this.
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    Go to your plugin.
    In the navigation bar (with Files and all that) it also has Subscriptions.
    Look at that :)
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    Thanks :)
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    I have all subscriptions enabled. But however I don't get notifications when someone reacts on the forum.
    I also don't get notifications when someone replies to a PM (only the first message causes a notification)
    And sometimes it takes hours for the email to arrive, sometimes they even went missing... (That's what happens I guess, since I don't get notification for ticket reactions sometimes)
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