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    After spending a total of a few hours looking for a mod/plugin that can change water/lava to my liking, i've decided to make a request and to see if what i want is even possible to do.

    I have to warn you for possible bad grammar and spelling, i will blame my dyslexia for it, and the fact that english is not my native language.

    Suggested name: Better liquids

    What i want:First of all, i want water to be finite, once the water block have been picked up( or destroyed), it will not regenerate. Just like how lava blocks work.

    And the second thing i want, is for lava to "decay" somewhat faster when the source block have been removed. I'm not even sure if lava ever "decays" currently, and it's a pain in the but.

    Is this something that is possible to make? and am i the onlyone interested in something like this?
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    So in other words... You want lava to be like water, and water to be like lava. :p
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    Basically yes.
    Appart from, that i still want lava to flow slower, aswell as taking SOME time to decay (=< 30 seconds).
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    Very good english
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    Since I got bored reading that you want to change water with lava and lava with water for a server or singleplay?

    I am not a Multiplayer coder, but I do make Singleplayer Mods.
    But I am sure doing this for Multiplayer will be super easy.

    I could posisble code this for Multiplayer but I want to know more what you want.
    Do you want the lava and water like terraria? Because you could not do that on multiplay with out spout or just Singleplayer (Which is already a Singleplayer Mod)

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    Yeah my bad for not including that i want this for SMP

    I'm actually mainly interested in having limited water, as i consider it allmost cheating when you can do infinite water sources.
    I dont want something like "Finite Water" or what it's called. I just want water to not "regenerate"

    The faster lava decay part is just something that would be nice to have,
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    Got it will take a look at making it.
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    I will love you forever if you are able to make it.
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    Sure I will start looking at making it like I said before, but it will take a while because I am also doing a few things on my Minecraft server before it opens.
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    No worries.
    Not to rush you or anything, but when you say a while, are we talking about a a few days, or more than a week?

    Another thing aswell. I'm assuming this will actually be a .jar mod required to do this, and i know that there is a BlockFlowing.class in the jar. But as i know no Java at all, i have no idea how to properly open it for myself to see if i can do something about it.
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    A week.
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    Sounds good to me, keep me posted whenever you make progress, i will check back once every day here to see when you've had time to work on it.
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    I will slowly start working on it now,
    But since I have lots of other things to be doing it wont be finished till next week.

    Should I give you the code for you to edit the plugin yourself, or do you just want the .jar to add to your server?

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  15. I would also like this plugin, I've been looking for something similar now for a few weeks
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    Assuming IpadHD got busy with other stuff, i will try this again.
    So is there anyone out there that could possibly do this?
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    Even though it's been ages, i will bump this again, as i'm still looking for this.
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    I may take this on.

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