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    I recently came across a plugin called "The End", which basically makes the End fight better in every way (especially for larger servers). But this plugin does not feature a config file, and it looks like the creator has no interest in maintaining the plugin. What it did was give the Ender Dragon much more health, and also spawned in a Wither when it was defeated. This plugin would have the same basic idea as "The End", but much more configurable and badass.

    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Better End

    What I want: This plugin would feature 3 different waves, with one boss per wave. Wave one would have a Giant, wave two would have a Wither, and wave three would have the Ender Dragon. The Boss would have a configurable name displayed above their boss bar, such as "Draven The Destroyer", or "Endra The Eternal". Each boss would have their own unique abilities, and a configurable amount of health. Once the Ender Dragon is defeated, it drops a configurable amount of experience, and the battle is over.

    All commands are disabled during the battle, except for /End Leave. All players are automatically set to Survival mode. God mode and flying are disabled.

    It would also be really cool if the bosses could say a configurable line in chat when they are defeated. Imagine how cool it would be if, after you defeated the giant, he could say "You may have bested me, but you'll never defeat the Dragon!" or something like that.

    Ideas for commands:
    /End: Displays the version of the plugin.
    /End Help: Displays all of the plugin's commands.
    /End Open: Opens the Ender portal for people to join. (it's closed automatically when the battle ends)
    /End Close: Ends the battle and closes the portal, teleporting all users to where they were when they used /End Join.
    /End SetJoin: Sets the spot users are teleported to when they use /End Join.
    /End Join: Teleports you to a configurable spot (i.e. in a room with the portal)
    /End Leave: Teleports you back to where you were when you used /End Join. (This and dying are the only way to leave the battle unless /End Close is used)

    Ideas for permissions:
    End.Help: /End Help (Default OPs)
    End.Open: /End Open (Default OPs)
    End.Close: /End Close (Default OPs)
    End.SetJoin: /End SetJoin (Default OPs)
    End.Join: /End Join (Default everyone)
    End.Leave: /End Leave (Default everyone)

    When I'd like it by: Whenever it's ready. Don't rush.
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    So it's like a gamemode, and you can join it by going through the end portal?
    Pretty cool & interresting ;).

    Too be honest, it doesn't seem that difficult..
    although you really need/want the /end join/setjoin and /end open/close?
    Since if you don't, you can just make it so everytime the end world is empty, it would make the waves ready for the next player that joins. If that players dies, leaves or disconnects, it would just reset the waves again.
    This way it's easier and gives an actuall end feeling, instead of a minigame feeling
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    I'd prefer if it had those features, since then you could arrange to have it open at specific times and make it sort of a big thing on your server. Then you could make an announcement saying "At so-and-so time tomorrow, we'll have a huge boss battle! Don't miss it!"
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    Do you still need the end join/setjoin? Can't the players go through the portal and if /end open is true, it would start the waves?
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    Well why would it need to be open at all? I, personally, would use this as a seperate world from the normal end, so there's no reason they would need to go into this alternate End at all if it wasn't open.

    Desle I suppose there could be an option to make it either manual (my way) or automatic (your way).

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