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    Plugin category: Donations

    A bit about me: I own a server raiding server with paid ranks.

    What I want: I have a server with donator ranks. When they donate I want them to get items. Every 30 day they need the repay. If you pay for a certain amount of months that rank is permanent.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: This should be a default:true permission player.canread and set it to false if they can't read this post.

    When I'd like it by: If modifying source code of donation plugins like AutoGroup and/or BuyCraft it could be done within a week or two. I Prefer as fast a possible

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: @TnT @ChrizC @codename_B @md_5 @lmc
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    I know this might take a while to do but maybe a small group of people could make this into a bigger project and incorporate a bot that could connect the players on a server that have issued a certain command e.g. /donate [Rank] (Configurable) after using a login command e.g. /pplogin [Username] [Password] [Pin] or
    e.g. /paypallogin [Username[Password] [Pin] If you have any questions for me contact me through bukkit forums DO NOT email me i do not check it often
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    BuyCraft has everything that you want
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    k thx
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    except "If you pay for a certain amount of months that rank is permanent."

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