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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Jamesol1, Jul 8, 2018.

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    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    What I want:
    I'm looking for someone that can make a plugin for me that will adjust the mechanics of using the bow and arrow by basically making it more realistic to real life.

    - Velocity of arrows to be quicker (or even better, configurable). Right now it's quite easy to run about weirdly and dodge arrows. I know of an old plugin that managed this but it came with a visual bugg of the arrow shooting off and an odd angle and also skeletons mobs wouldnt suddenly seem to have shocking aim.
    Here is the plugin I'm talking about:

    - Remove knockback given upon being hit by an arrow or by reducing it by a large amount... this would fix the issue of people 'bow spamming'. Realistically being hit by an arrow doesn't ping you back.
    - The above bullet sort of fixes the spam able issue but if you could some how make it to prematurely released arrows would flop more than usual that would be great, but i can see that conflicting with arrow velocity, if the above can be done this won't be too important.

    - (minor thing) fix the issue of arrows being shot while falling or on horseback shooting form infront of the player instead of seemingly the back... that would be great. The plugin above managed that, but again the visuals on arrows is way off. But to stress this isn't a huge concern, so if it's easy by all means.

    Thanks for reading. For those who know the ins and out of mojang code please let me know if these are possible or not.
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    By changing velocitys and the use of some vectors all of your suggestions should be possible.
    This does not mean I am going to write it. Maybe if I find some time I will look into it.
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    That would be great if you could. Thanks for reading.
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    Is anyone able to make it, this is seriously making archery crap in multiplayer... I really could do with it for my server but i think others will want this as well.
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    It might sound like a coencidence, but I'm just testing the plugin.
    Already got the anti-knockback and arrow-speeding mechanics done.

    Btw, nice idea. :)
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    Wow thanks! Feel free to use me for testing etc.
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    Okay, this is what I've got so far - Arrows.jar?dl=0
    The anti-knockback is already implemented, later I'm looking forward to making an option for non-knocking animals aswell.

    What I've saw so far, I see it's not that simple - the greater the velocity the greater the damage, to change this, I would have to create a bit more complex one, I'll be looking into it later too.

    And, about the bugged velocity, I see it's aswell a problem propably with Minecraft - the arrow hits its target but it's trail/path is.. just wow.

    I'll definitely take a closer look on this one, just have to leave now.

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    Main things I'd focus on is the velocity trail path and the spamable ability of the bow. The other stuff isn't that crucial but would be cool additions. Oh and i quite like having no knockback on animals and mobs.

    Thanks for the work you've put in!
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    Got an update on the plugin? I'm guessing the visual arrow glitch isn't fixable and you've left it which is fair enough?
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