[Beta/Alpha] MinerCon - Bukkit Remote Access via Android

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by nicatronTg, May 25, 2013.

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    MinerCon is an open source android client for Minecraft and Bukkit. It works over the built-in Minecraft remote access protocol, so it should work with vanilla servers too.

    If you want to test it...
    1. Join the Google+ Community to become eligible for beta access.
    2. Opt-in to the Google Play test. The app will be automatically installed on your Android device(s).
    3. If it didn't remotely install, install from Google Play.
    Upcoming/planned features:
    • Support for Minecraft Remote Toolkit
    • Support for holding/rebooting servers through RTK
    • Custom command bookmarks
    • Minecraft query functions (viewing server status & players without being logged in)
    • Chat support
    • Some sort of support plugin to work around Minecraft's rcon protocol limitations
    • This app will be paid or upgradable eventually; if the app itself is paid and no free version is available, it will be available here for free (always and forever).
    Known issues in this release:
    • Unicode color codes aren't stripped from console
    • Servers that change tab list names for players can't use the player list to execute commands on players. This is a result of the "list" command sending back display names instead of usernames.
    • There should be a send button on the right hand side of the console text field.
    Early screenshots can be found here.
    Right now I'm looking for design, functionality, and bug feedback. If something looks bad or could look better, that's just as good as a crashdump.
    If you're installing the app through Google Play, report bugs if the app force closes. Those bug reports are sent to me directly.
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    What is the status on this? I've signed up to the beta.
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    Thank you! [diamond]
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    I started a job at MIS about a week after I posted this, so things have been really busy as of late. I was really hoping to hear feedback here, but I've only got a couple comments from Google+. If you have suggestions, comments, criticism, or other remarks, I'd love to hear them for the next build.

    I really anticipated more of a response, and I plan on working based on the feedback. If I don't hear anyone requesting things, I won't do much.

    Yep! Anything I can add?
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    Not too sure how you'd do this but, some people want to use it out on the go. Maybe if it could use less data, compressing how it's downloaded and stuff, especially console.
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    Data compression is not possible with the Minecraft RCON protocol. Breaking compatibility would defeat the point of it just being an app.
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