Best way to freeze players

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by MinopolisMc, Jun 12, 2013.

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    So I'm making this cool Roleplay-style intro for my server and don't want my players to wander around during the dialogue. What would be the best way to freeze them?

    I could use a plugin which would teleport them back if they move, but I'd rather have it client based because the teleporting looks and feels weird (especially with slow connection).

    Another thing I though of is giving them a level 5 slowness potion, which does pretty much exactly what I want, except that the FOV changes and players can still move around if they jump.

    Any ideas?
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    There is a plugin called freeze
    Last time i used it, they did not Teleport back, they just could not move.
    try it out!
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    /effect PLAYER SPEED 10000 128
    just try it
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    It does :( I guess it's like that: The player gets frozen and the server remembers the position of him. When he tries to move, the server notices it and warps him back to where he was. It would be cool if there was something that would prevent the player to move in the first place.

    Thanks but that's basically the thing I mentioned above. You can still move if you jump.
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    /effect PLAYER JUMP 10000 128
    it's client side feature so check for PlayerMoveEvent on the server as well.
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    not if you apply a high negative level of jump potion, preventing jumping.
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    I didn't think of that, thanks!
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