Best way to animate lava physics in a pyramid way?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Excalibur, May 11, 2014.

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    Well first of all, this is my first post so hello! I want to join these forums because they seem like they can help me get a grasp on the Java language a bit more than I already do and learn the Bukkit API.

    I basically have a cool idea for a plugin. I want to animate lava physics in a growing like state where lava starts as one block, then grows out 1 up and 1 down in the y axis, and all around in the x axis. And continue to do so until the map is filled.

    I'm wondering if this is possible or not? I would basically need to halt the flow of lava, and just have the blocks expanding as I mentioned.
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    Excalibur welcome to the forums. as for your question, it is possible, just lots of math. :p first off the formulae for a pyramid is bwh/3 and for the lava, nms(net.minecraft.server code) can be used there.
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    To halt the physics, you'll have to use this event. As for the pyramid, doesn't seem too complicated. Certainly possible.

    No NMS necessary :)

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    Garris0n ahh thank you. that will be so much easier for a beginner. xD
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    Ok, thanks for the replies guys! c:

    My main question is, how do I stop lava from performing the flow to the nearby block when dropped and keep it upright? The pyramid is indeed very mathy but I think I should be fine with that. Just this one thing.
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    You would use the event BlockFromToEvent. Check to see if the block is a lava source block, and if so, cancel the event using event.setCancelled(true);

    If you only want to cancel lava flow in your pyramid however, that's a different story... I'm not entirely sure how to do that.
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    I guess you have to keep the location and stuff, it would be easier to just hook to world guard/edit and define it for a region though.
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