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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by kurtish, Jun 9, 2011.

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    hi people just wana first say awesome mods you have all made [​IMG]
    but was just wondering as i have a server account with multiplay so can only use bukkit mods i was wondering if you guys/girls can suggest some as i have no idea what ones are good or not. im not lookin for mods what give me items or would make me never die as that to me would make the game boring. so im just lookin for mods to add to the game experiance like i did want one so it would have npc making a village (like millenaire)

    thanks in advance
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    mods = modification, that is not what where doing here. We use plugins :) we dont modify our servers, we just add things to it :)
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    definitely consider iConomy or BOSEconomy to add money to your server, this allows for the use of many other fun and interesting plugins
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    yer i mean plugins. i willlook into that iConomy thing :) is there any plugins for somethin like airships or like quests to add that little more to the game :)
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    There are lots of plugins for such things. Just click through the plugin releases-Forum, that will be the best ;)
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    Citizens & LWC are both I think Critical plugins to have :D
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    If you want to have fun try out movecraft, although if used too much at one time or with big vehicles it will be laggy...If there are like 6+ people on your server...try out factions...itll make pvp more fun so that you and your friends can pair up and fight in a fun way...Also for the admin, try out essentials and permissions...essentials has a bunch of useful commands and permissions helps organize your server...LWC will allow your players to lock doors and there chests so nothing is stolen...Citizens adds NPC's to your server and will make gameplay that much better...If you want an economy, i suggest Iconomy and a shop plugin so that you can sell stuff like Showcase or Localshops...Also for a little more fun, try Uquest for quests and Monsterhunt for a game each night...hope this helped you out
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    Plugins are entirely preference, there is no ranking between them.
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    Go play on a server that you find fun then type /plugins and it will show the installed plugins. Then just get the ones you like(i know its obvious)
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    if you like RPG style i'll suggest you mcMMO combined with Spout(and other plugin that use Spout as framework)
    There is also a fun plugin named Death&Rebirth and I think it's interesting too...
    Just take a couple of time int the forum reading all the plugin post and you'll find what you need
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