Best Plugin for "Painting" blocks

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by gamerpro2000, Jan 24, 2012.

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    I need a plugin for Minecraft that lets me paint blocks. Specifically, I'd like to fill in water areas that got screwed up. I decided to mess with Minecraft Essentials and thought it would be cool to have an Enderdragon in the overworld. So I spawned one........turns out, Enderdragons don't know how to react to blocks in the Overworld..........and deletes them as it flys by them...........Yeah. Long story short, I need to paint a lot of blocks. Suggestions?
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    Try WorldEdit or VoxelSniper.
  3. Same as saul100

    You can use WorldEdit to fi screwed up water with //fixwater

    Also that is what EnderDragons do, it is not a bug.

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    Always create map backups often!:rolleyes:
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    Thanks guys :) . WorldEdit fixed it for me. Also handy to have, so I plan on keeping it :D . Its too bad that Enderdragons act that way in the Overworld. It would be fun to set up a Enderdragon spawner and have a Skyrim esk. world with random Enderdragons flying around to defend against :) .
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    Glad you fixed it now, for future reference both essentials protect and worldguard and other such plugins out there allow you to block the enderdragon from breaking blocks, they still fly through them, just no block damage! :)
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