Best plugin for Logging blocks and such?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Epics, Apr 6, 2012.

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    Seeing as Hawkeye hasn't been updated for 5 months..
    Seeing as LogBlock is being discontinued after 1.3...
    Seeing as BigBrother doesn't have a new post up...
    Seeing as "Guardian" isn't finished and probably never will be...
    What is there to monitor block logging and chest logging? This is a sad sad day! I'm aware LogBlock will work for now, but I want to be ready to replace it when the time comes.
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    Why do you care? It still works
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    When I see a page of tickets opened and not replied to within the past month? Yeah, I do care.
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    It works great for me. Why dont you just try it?
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    It's a pretty big migration when you have to trust all of the servers griefing to one plugin. I like to set up a plugin for long time use and have it be updated MAYBE once every 5 months, you know? Features and bugfixes are always possible. No plugin is perfect.
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    It works for seeing who did stuff. Roll back does not work for me. I just do nightly backups.
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    Hawkeye works perfectly currently for 1.2.5. Yes, its concerning about the lack of updates, but it is the best thing out there currently.
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    Not to mention that Guardian has updates to the code being added every other day. Most people just look at the plugin page and assume nothing is happening.

    Afaik, logblock works perfectly with 1.2.5, and even if the development is being stopped at 1.3, it should still have compatibility with a couple more future builds.
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    "after 1.3" won't be an issue for a few months, at least. I'm sticking with LogBlock for now. After 1.3, many things will be shaken up anyway. We'll be switching to Minecraft API or Spout or something.
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    LogBlock has been continued by a few players, and some a really good version. I personally use LogBlock as it has good features and easy to use
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    I've used LogBlock since the beginning, I just don't want it to die off and we're dead.

    Guardian doesn't have a git page open on their page, no wonder nobody knows they're doing anything?
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    SimpleChestLock is Great , an Very easy to use . VERY easy .
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    hawkeye, it has been updated, use the dev.bukkit
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    If you have MySQL, use LogBlock. If not, use BlockLog. :p
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    Flatfile logging, ugly!
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    If your like me, there's almost never a need to use the flatfile. I hate it, myself. Both plugins have an in-game wand to check block edits. :D
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    Nathan C

    I think Logblock is opensource now and is being updated by multiple devs now?

    So I say Logblock as a result.
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