Best Operating System To Run CraftBukkit

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by _William, Jan 23, 2012.

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    What is the best operating system to run craftbukkit (Windows/Linux/(BSD if you want to go there)). Im considering moving to a Linux vps as they are cheaper and i dont need to switch to windows to use the remote desktop thing.
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    CentOS 5/6 is great, but any Linux distro will work fine.
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    In my mind, CentOS is out dated. But thanks for the info.i prefer debian or red hat
    What should i use for VPS or Dedicated servers. BurstNET is cheap, and Linode is nice quality i believe, what else
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    I use windows XP, low OS Ram rate, works like a charm
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    I run mine on an Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS, 64-bit which is a virtual machine inside vSphere 4.1 on ESXi 4.1 which is all run on an IBM BladeCenter. :)

    I do my initial CraftBukkit build-out (see link in my sig) and testing upgrades to the CraftBukkit server/plugins on a Windows 7 PC. Once I'm happy with the results, I send it over to the Ubuntu Server to run.

    Is Ubuntu the best? Kinda depends on what you call "best"? I picked Ubuntu because of the LTS (Long-Term Support) because I can get a maintenance contract on it to call in the big-guns for support (if necessary). It is also maintained well and easy-to-use. Performance wise, you might be a bit better off with CentOS 6 (which is basically the unofficial Red Hat Enterprise version). However, CentOS is not officially supported.

    I went with the support and ease-of-use route choosing Ubuntu. Little bits of performance is NOT going to make a big difference with Minecraft since it is not multi-threaded. You can throw tons of CPUs at it and it will still use just one.

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