Best Minecraft Gamemode?

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Best Minecraft Gamemode?

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  1. Survival

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  2. Creative

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  3. Factions

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  4. Mini-Games (List them below)

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  5. Other? (Name it below)

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    Later this year, I plan to start a Minecraft hub server, and I wish to see what other people want to see in a server, so I can accommodate player wishes and needs. So, if you could please vote below, and if you choose Mini-Games, please list your favorite mini-games in this thread. Also, if you choose "Other" please do name your favorite Gamemode below. Furthermore thank you for reading this, please vote below.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @Ijc100800 Best is relative.
    It should be what you enjoy playing.
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    Best means your opinion best, which means what you Enjoy. @timtower
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    So that gets back to my second line.
    Why are you asking when it should be what you (as server owner) like
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    Oh I see what you mean. I simply want others input, I don't want the server to be my empire, I want it to be what players want, so this thread is what I want, I want my server to be what other players want it to be. @timtower
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @Ijc100800 Then the chance exists that you end up running a server where you dont want to play on. Bit counterproductive.
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    It's a chance, but I still want to please players, I will have a Gamemode that I myself will play, as well, it will not just be what players want, I just want to give players an option to play on it. @timtower
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    Also, do you want use bungeecoord or per world stuff?
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    1. I would recommend switching this thread to "Offtopic", as it does not exactly fit this section and offtopic normally gets more revisers than Bukkit Discussion.
    2. It's better to develop new gamemodes and minigames than try to recreate ones that have already been used by dozens of other servers. You should ask "what separates my server from any other server out there". If there is not much that separates you from them, then you most likely will not get that may members joining your server.
    3. I personally enjoy playing in a sort of "heavily modded"/"plugin rich" survival. It's nice to play in survival, while still having something new to do.
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    What i enjoy most is mini-games ( you can check the hypixel server). But i think that survival is also a good choice because it doesnt need to much work as a mini-games server and its also really funny.
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    Bedwars , eggwars , block hunt
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