best linux distro for a bukkit server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by appsbyaaron, Apr 24, 2012.

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    I want to build a lifhtweight server to run bukkit. I'm using windows xp now but love the idea of a simple linux box doing nothing but running bukkit.

    Whats the best distro in your opinon?
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    Ubuntu if you would like a very very little less performance for a lot more usability.

    CentOS for a little more performance and a little less usability.

    Go with ubuntu 10 64 bit server edition.
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    If i had the machine to run that i would.

    I'm gonna try Puppy Linux on a bootable flash drive.
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    Personally I like CentOS. It is not necessarily harder to use, just a little different and it does not have any less features, but it comes stripped down so you need to install pretty much everything you need yourself.
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    If you use a bootable flash drive, it may be slower than just running it from XP.

    I'd HIGHLY recommend that you install the OS if you can. (I prefer ubuntu)
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    Nathan C

    Debian, hands down.
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    Your specs == null.


    Requirements for Puppy linux is 25mb of ram and if you are typing this to me then you have that much ram.
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    Ubuntu if you would a very very little less performance for a lot more usability.[​IMG]
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    Arch Linux
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    That image is probably something making me but heh? You agreed with me <3.

    The image is 404'd
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    I've found MineOS Crux to be amazing, had my own server running for about 6 months. Of course this require a bit more knowledge about various linux commands and such.
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