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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by x3Fuzzy, Jan 1, 2012.

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    Hello everyone. I have been looking for a chat plugin that works somewhat like this.

    When a "Guest" comes in to the server, I want the prefix "[Guest]" to be right beside their name. And, I would also like the text of what the person typed to be in colors. Its kinda boring to just see white text every time someone chats.

    And I know I could just add their name to maybe mChat (currently using) or jChat but is there I plugin that I might not know of that does this automatically?

    Thank you for your time. And to those that suggested a plugin, thank you so much :)
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    iChat? Since HeroChat is not really up to date, iChat appears to be the best option.
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    But if you are using permissionsex, use the ChatManager plugin that comes with it in the .rar file
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    I also used iChat for a long time and switched to ChatManager when I started to use PermissionsEx. They'revery similar, easy to use and powerful.
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    I typed in "iChat" and it gave me "Puddichat". Is there a link you can give or something? Thanks :)

    Or it it one of these? iChat 1.6 or iChat 2.4.4
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    i love herochat the most and it sill works until this day
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    Haha, it looks like it's cause they are inactive! That's why they are not on the list.

    I would recommend ChatManager, not sure if it works with anything other than PermissionsEx, but It should. Worst case senario, use HeroChat. Don't worry, the description is gone. Just download it and edit the config file. If you need any help, skype me (user is robloxis).
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    Yes, iChat. Although the dev pissed off some people and got banned. I guess I'm allowed to mention his site here, so...

    Of course if HeroChat ever gets upgraded then it's by far the best plugin to use.
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    Thanks for the link! :D iChat 2.4.5 works PERFECTLY with my server and it does what I want it to do.

    I've used ChatManager before and to be honest, I didn't really like it. It was terrible. It could be that I might not know how to use it correctly. But that is very unlikely. I know how to tweak the yml file and I also know all the color codes.

    Same goes for HeroChat. Useful but pointless at the same time. And its kinda annoying having to edit the config.yml
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    I use TitanChat. Its kinda out of date, but i use a dev version compatible with 1.3+. Its totally worth it: you can configure it in any way you want, prefixes and suffixes, colors, etc. I PM'd NodinChan and he said hes working on a rewrite but doesn't have much time. I wrote this with the assumption that he would be done by the time somebody reads this :)
    Also, bPermissions supports colored prefixes out of the box. if you don't like titanchat, there is a chat plugin built for it ( don't remember the name)
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