Solved Best Autosave plugins?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Snake14, Jan 7, 2014.

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    I have been using AutoSaveWorld for a few months but it doesnt
    fit my requirements. I need a plugin with backup functions, and a fast autosave since server laggs when it saves.

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    What's wrong with that one? What doesn't it have that you need?
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    Snake14 I use Simple-Autosave on my server and I love it. It works just fine, and I can change when it saves, and exactly what it will post in chat when it does. I would recommend using it.
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    No. It uses lots of the server while saving 315 players.. Have you seen the pct tick of it with timings merger? Horrible.

    sackboy_lbp MrGhetto I have found these in google. | I'm completely interested about the first, that might do something.
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    Might as well use Saving-it then, seems efficient after looking around in the source for a bit.
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    DoomHunter It doesn't contain backup, plus nothing extra options

    Edit: I'm gonna stick to SaveIt for lots of reasons, mostly, because i got free from the lagg + much less usage.
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    I think that is the best auto save plugin :p
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    This is the plugin I use, it's pretty configurable
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    _EuroStar_ Do you guys honestly read my comments? ASD

    "I have been using AutoSaveWorld for a few months but it doesnt
    fit my requirements. I need a plugin with backup functions, and a fast autosave since server laggs when it saves." I'm not gonna use that, and as I told, I already switched to SaveIt.
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    You should try to figure out why saving the world lags out your server instead of plugin hopping. Maybe your HD has a slow transfer speed, maybe it's old? Check your hardware, software can only do so much.
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    All save plugins are going to be doing the same thing under the hood there is really going to be no major speed difference. Your hardware is the only limitation here.
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  17. MaliciousMan Iroh Completely wrong. Saving can be boosted with a few stuffs.
    Autosave world has 158 pct tick with only 1 player and 3 world. TOO MUCH. Check out SaveIts performance page. You guys have to learn a lot...
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    Intel i7-3770 3.40 8 cores, 16GB ram, Linux 64 Centos, 1TB.... If It's really slow a Server, pls tell me... As you can see, there are a few images on SaveIt's page. I don't know what to say with 300+ players and 5 worlds. If autosaveworld has that kind of performance with 3 worlds and 1 player as the results show it, I'm not surprised that i have had laggs with it.
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    It really depends on your Hard drive. As it's 1tb I'll assume it's HDD so if you have a big enough world file it will cause lag when saving. SSD hard drives are a lot more expensive but their performance are a lot better. If you're using saveit, which renowns itself on performance, and you're currently having lag I'd say your issue is your hard drive isn't good enough for the size of your world.
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    I don't have laggs with SaveIt. I HAD laggs with other saving plugins.
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    Try mark2. It's not a plugin but a server wrapper that adds much needed administrative functionality including autosave.

    Some other important features include periodic server restarts, automatic backups, publish events to Redis and server notifications (can notify errors or really anything via email, NotifyMyAndroid, Pushover and more).
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    If you have a working server saving plugin why exactly did you make this thread?
  23. So logical dude....He was looking for one that is fast and asked the community if they have one. And then he stated that he found ths and saveit in google....
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    SaveIt is good.
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    I bet using an SSD would easily solve this guys problems. xD
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    Removed post discussing unofficial build.
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    All autosave plugins currently do the same thing:
    And this is too slow for main world, because of bukkit built-in structure saver.

    Of course you can evade this by saving only chunks or doing so
    But in this case if world generation will change again you will loose all structures.
  29. Shevchik Check my sourcecode. You might see how am i boosting it.
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