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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by arnie231, May 23, 2012.

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    With more and more users now using hacked clients I'm having to install a Anit-xray plugin on all 3 of my servers but what i want to know is Which is the Best and wont effect the server side that bad
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    Orebfuscator, but if you decide to use it be prepared to lose players that have terrible internet connections.
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    What's a good anti-xray plugin that just logs ore ratios?

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    TnT Retired Staff

    Wait, you seriously post your server banner along with every post you make? *sigh*

    AntiCheat has what you need for that, as well as a great way to block most cheats.

    I use Orebfuscator myself. I was using AntiCheat for letting me know, but then I quickly realized my players will still try to xray.
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    Oreobfuscator it is. I believe it is now a lot more stable than when I first tried it.
    Disabling the proximity hider is a good tip.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Can you explain why? I'm a fairly new user to Orebfuscator, but it seemed like a good option to use.
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    It doesn't always work as intended, sometimes things stay hidden even after you've walked up to them, causing people to glitch out in the middle of their house because a chest was there that they couldn't see until they punch it. If you don't hear any complaints, though, don't disable it.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Well, that explains that glitch this morning. A server reset clears that up, but its good to know the exact feature of Orebfuscator that is causing that.
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    Orebfuscator seems to be very resource heavy... It uses up a lot of memory from my experience.

    The lightweight option would be to use FoundDiamonds. Yeah, people can still xray, but it notifies the server admins when anyone finds ores. If your staff is any good they'll catch on pretty quick who's xraying.

    If you have a vanish plugin, they can use that and tp to the suspect player and watch them.

    Tried and tested method that's always worked for me! :D
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    Owners of large servers say its worth every ounce of performance it uses.
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    I've actually started using Anti X-Ray by bigscary (creator of Grief Prevention). While orebfuscator works, it's heavy on resources. Anti X-Ray takes almost none. It doesn't hide ores, it just only lets you mine a certain amount of ores. The defaults are designed so that a legit player won't even notice the plugin unless they're super lucky. And sure, xrayers can still get a bit of ore, but they start with zero "allowance" and build up as they play, so they have to dedicate time to steal ore. Works for me, not for everyone. Clearly I like it, lol.
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    Combine this with an x-ray statistics plugin and it works great!
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    Just as an alternative to the methods mentioned I'd like to add in FoundDiamond ( I've tried it all and statistics/logging plugins, don't work.. Orebfuscator has a lacking QA process and was very resources heavy.. bigscary makes thoughtful amazing plugins but gimps them with his personal ageenda and vision. In the end FD was the best choice for us until we choose to dance with Orebfuscator again when our new hardware arrives. Great thing about FD is it gets your community involved.. While not exactly a preventative measure to all it is to some. [diamond]
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    I use FamilyJewels. Orebfuscator tries to hide all the ores. FamilyJewels only hides ore that isn't exposed to air. This still hides over 90% of underground ores -- only those in caves are exposed. But it's sooooooo much easier on your server, because it doesn't update constantly sending new block info to players. Only as blocks are broken (and new blocks are exposed to air) does it change what is being hidden.
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