best anti lag plugin idea yet???!!!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by RonanZer0, Oct 27, 2011.

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    Hey, I just thought of an idea for possibly the best anti lag plugin EVER. I don't know if its possible, though. OK here it is:
    Firstly if a client breaks a block it FIRSTLY check with the client if the block is broken. And if the client broke the block... then the client will get the block dropped and picked up. However, it will be removed from the client AFTER the server checks if it was in a protected area. if it wasnt the client keeps it still. So it helps block lag!

    basically it lets the client check for block break first then the server checks.
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    plz use grammar and proper English so us plugin devs can try to comprehend your idea

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    i fixed it
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    i still cant understand
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    I think what he is saying. Is this.

    The client breaks a block = The client gets the block without a drop?
    If the block is protected after it sends to server it is removed and put back?
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    This wouldnt be better and isnt possible without a client mod. sorry
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    client breaks block. he gets drop (client side) he can pick it up. AFTER he picks it up the server checks if he really got the block. if NOT then it gets put back. and if he DID legitly get it, the server gives it to him

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    Not possible.

    Also its a really bad idea
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    ummm thats not possible without client mods ;)
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    In fact that would probably cause even more lag, its causing the server to do twice the amount of checks it would usually do, as opposed to just receiving info that a player broke a block and dropping that block.
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    Also would probably have loopholes such as logging before it says you can't have it, or placing another block or something...
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    Indeed a bad idea, as it would allow client modifications to duplicate items from protected areas.

    And, as said, it would need a modified client to begin with.
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    I've got an idea.
    When you kill mob, you automatically get EXP, no orbs.
  14. WorldGuard does that, other plugins aswell.
    NoLagg optimizes the item drops so orbs can drop without causing lag.

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