best anti-griefing method?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by nala3, Mar 15, 2011.

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    i was wondering if anybody know the best method to keep people from griefing. I have no tnt, no fire, no lava, no water, antibuild, anitcheat thing to detect the zombe mods, iplock, area protection and chest protection, yet i still get griefed and its pissing me off! im wondering how the hell they are doing it! anybody know?
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    I just use Permissions and set the Default group to no build rights.
    Then I set people as Mods (without extra power, they just inherit the default group permissions) as I know they won't grief.
    So anyone can join, but only trusted members can build/destroy.
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    ya i have that set too, that doesnt stop them
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    use big brother, then find out who griefed you, and ban them, one less griefer in your server
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    I would say worldguard! It takes a time to learn but when you have it.... Its amazing.... And there is also a nother plug-in that will auto-kick people after 3 warrning when there griefing :)
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    You have build permissions off and they can still grief?
    Might want to check your permissions config file.
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    no its not everybody its only a few people, the rest of the new people who join cant build

    i know who it was IPlock logged they're names and ip's so i ipbanned them and name banned them but that doesn't stop them, they just change names and ip's and come back

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    Do you have onlinemode=false?
    If no, the only way they can 'change names' is by purchasing the game under a new account.
    If yes, CHANGE IT TO TRUE!
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    im testing things out as well, I'm thinking of using an approach similar to my creative server.

    The area around the spawn for maybe 9 chunks radius mod+
    Around there builder+
    Vips can claim land
    Default just a small freebuild island.

    I hate it when ppl say grief is ban. Players grief with a reason. you need to read the griever and act accordingly.

    The tester.
    This is the new guy that walks in and start grieving, he wants to know what is possible andwhat not. Most common one, dealt with easily through the use of hoops. Register or walk far to build. Seen as joining and quitting. When they start talking you learn them better and either you can ban them if they complain they cant build or they start demanding. If you pass their test they can become compliant or even great builders/helpers.​
    The revenge.
    Something happend IRL or ingame that changed a compliant builder/vip into a revenge griefing spree. This takes in account the emotions of both players. one felt wronged and wanted to feel right by grieving the player that caused the harm or taking over their account and making them griever. If you see a fight in game, Fix it asap to avoid a full blown war that can lead to the banning of some very good builders.​
    The Bored.
    They face no challenge in the game. dealt with by creating challenges through the use of roleplaying, new mods, tasks or rank up. They usually fix the things if you tell them to.​
    The Patient/ninja/stalker.
    The one that breaks one or a few blocks in sginificant places. Ban them for just one block? they are quite apologetic and will/can get away with it for quite some time. Dealt with through show of force. let them know about roll back, bigbrother, log block, dynamic map. Or just ban them if your server is getting full. examples need to get made.​
    The blamer.
    The one that blames some one else. Explain logging software to nip it in the butt early. if they continue and deny, ban.​

    These are the ones i remember after a year of hosting a creative server. Not sure if i forgot any.
    Remember you are an admin, Be nice to the nice players, be strict to the challenging ones and ban the bad ones. But always help. Its mostly a service job, not a power job. Manage, delegate, enforce. It's a job every one wants, but few can do.
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    I like to think i do a pretty good job of administrating on my server :) it usually happens when im not on but other people who are members but just cant ban anybody are and they have to watch them do it, maybe ill just make a few more moderators :p
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