Best anti cheat plugin - blocks clients/xray

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    Ive tried all the cheat guard plugins like, anticheat, nocheatplus, they dont do anything. Anticheat blocks nodus very good but it kicks ppl for lagging. No Cheat plus i got no idea how it works and i even got xray on the server as a player and it didnt block it, if u guys know a good 1 pls help me.


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    NoCheatPlus and AntiCheat are the best cheat/hacking plugins on bukkitdev. (From what i know of)
    To stop xray mods and texturepacks use Orebfuscator. Link
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    how do u use nocheatplus? i dont like anticheat kicks ppl for lagging lol.
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    Well just put the nocheatplus.jar in your plugins folder and it should work you dont really need to change anything and it will wokr fine.
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    so it will just block hacks? well if thats the case ill give it a go, thanks. :)
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    Well it is called NoCheatPlus...
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    Be sure you don't have OP or "*" permissions when you test your hacks. Also be sure you have the nocheatplus.admin.* permissions for your admin group so you can see the warnings.

    Also if you use Craftbukkit for Minecraft 1.4.7 then be sure you use the right NC+ version from here: (for 1.4.7 you need at least NC+ 317)

    More infos you will find in our docs:

    If you need more help then feel free to ask MyPictures or asofold

    For xRay you need to use an other plugin (I recommend Orebfuscator). NC+ wont do anything against xray hacks yet.

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